Friday, 30 September 2022

Financial woes? You bet.. thank Labour!

OMG, you would not believe we are living in a country that basically won two world wars against almost impossible odds. Well, alrightie then not on our own but major participants nevertheless! Our people had to use their ‘stiff upper-lip’ for all those years but hey all that was lost yesterday in the panic about a mini-budget. God help us, the Labour echelon and others gleefully jumped on the bandwagon and literally heightened the whole drama up to dizzy heights. And that from a party that claimed it would win the next General Election. Sorry Keir you have been found out as a lightweight and basically as someone who does not know what he is talking about. You are way out of your depth my friend! Also, whilst you are opening the Exit door please tell that Wes Streeting to read a few books and familiarise himself with the NHS. A bit of Accountancy knowledge would help. What a shower and frankly a sizable part of Cons MPs are also part of this drama. The Chancellor did the RIGHT thing! The only mistake is that somehow it was turned onto Pension funds. How and why only God knows. 

What bothers me is that yet again the think-tank of the Treasury did not do its homework. Again I must ask, is there no-one now in the hallowed political circles that has a brain? The Chancellor’s job is to highlight the main plan and it is for the department to fill in the blanks. The plan was simple, loosen the tax burden, drop Income Tax by 1p to 19p in the £, help with soaring gas and electricity bills, drop the NI to its previous level, no business tax increase, and the 45% rate dropped. Now, did no-one think that Labour would not gleefully jump on that one? The other problem was to publicly pronounce that richer people would also get the benefits. No-one seemed to figure out that to increase business activity you do indeed have to decrease costs! Why was there no emphasis put on that point? The other thing Labour forgot to mention is that all major currencies are sliding against the dollar. 

The American Bank has increased interest levels far higher than we have sofar! As a result European cash is moving out, for now. Friends, we are ruled by nincompoops, Etonesque wallabies jumping up screaming ‘I know everything’. All that matters is gender equality. So, call me an idiot for not being non-binary, whatever it really means. Ask Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic, he apparently knows. Perhaps his business acumen might serve Kwasi rather than the plonkers that run the Bank of England. We need more non-binaries in high places, don’t we?

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