Saturday, 10 September 2022

And so we go on...

The Queen has died. Long live the King! This is the mantra that is said after the dead of the reigning monarch. It is quite funny, I have not seen or heard any Twitterati complaining that we should be more diverse and should have said, They have died, long live Non-Binary It. What a load of trash, time to tell all the Its, Non-Binaries, to shut it and get back to work! Or if in University, do a proper study and leave the Home Cooking and Vacuum Cleaning degrees in their respective bins.

Yes, Queen Elizabeth II has died after one of the most honourable and long reigns which we probably will see no more. Seventy years, it was incredible. She, like many other families did not escape problems, no need to go into them right now, we all know it well but the seventy years did not pass by on a rosy, flower strewn path. Nevertheless, we should all be grateful for her steady, compassionate reign. Her undoubted but not spoken of, political insights, her influence in many areas of life in the UK, her call to duty. So, thank you Ma’m, rest in peace.

 In the meantime, we do have some quite large problems to attend to! Least of all the energy problem. As I have said before, our politicians, our leaders have been caught with their pants down, big time! Putting all the eggs in one basket! Did no-one view the Russian propensity for a type of aggressive politics and actions as circumspect? Did no-one think that the government, i.e Putin, could use the oil and gas card and put pressure on western governments? No? Really??? I have long said that self-sufficiency is absolutely necessary for items of strategic importance. We should already have in place a sound and working plan for energy and whether that is nuclear, wind or waves I leave for others to discuss, but instead we kept importing gas, oil and about everything else as well. We played footsie with the oil companies and gave them far too much power, a virtual stranglehold! It is the oil companies, together with corrupt politicians who have brought this planet to its virtual knees! Today we are in danger of having to say goodbye to life as a species. But not just us, we are taking with us about 95% of species alive today. Vegetation included. Not a very good epitaph, is it? It is however only one of the problems we are facing. Just watch the TV news and read some papers to see what is going on. There is a politics malaise, particularly in the UK. Rudderless non-entities shouting their mouths off across a Chamber. Thinking that is governing. It needs an overhaul of gigantic proportions. Our type of government supposedly democratic is not democratic at all. Did I have a say who is to be Prime Minister? We voted in Boris and so we will have to stick with him good or bad. Unless there would be a general election! But a cabal of grandees and other idiots did not like what they read on Twitter and decided he had to go. It should have been a countrywide decision not just 50 or so people! Well, perhaps some good may come out of it, the good Liz seems to have the measure of the opposition leader.

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