Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Where or what is Albania again?

So, of course we now know more yet again about this infernal problem called ‘immigration’. Nearly half of those who have paid thousands of pounds are of one nationality – Albanian! What do we know of that small country hidden away on the eastern side of the Mediterranean? Except from the recesses of my brain I recall it was quite the poor communist country suffering under a dictator of vile reputation, Hoxha. Or something like that. May I now say again and I have said it many times before – Most immigration is for economic reasons and so it is with all these young male Albanians. Does anyone understand the governments reluctance or inability to deal with this problem? I don’t. We even send in the Navy to actually help these people to land in Dover. God help us all. I have also mentioned that I am NOT against immigration, certainly not but I am against unbridled, uncontrolled immigration. Simply because there is no room for so many arrivals, no work, no housing. As a result many will become a national problem due to criminality. The Albanian idea of women is that they are to be seen but not heard. Dressed in black with a hood over the face. No body shape to be seen. An Albanian thinks when seeing an ankle that is the summit of sexiness. Dear, oh dear but that's the way it is in such countries and we should be OK with that. But here it is altogether different. It is fine by so-called ‘experts’ to talk about diversity, equality of the sexes, freedom, democracy and all of that, throwing off all shackles. Forgetting though that as with everything there are positive but also negative sides. How do you change the restrictive attitudes, even laws that people of Albania and also loads of other countries, Arabic and African live by? Especially when they move to a western country like Britain? You are asking for problems. 

Of course, not all arrivals are criminal but too many are and some will become because of the aforementioned, no work and no housing. We only have to remember the indescribable happenings in Rochdale and also other places yet unknown where men of Eastern origin procured underage girls for sex, indeed used them as prostitutes. They keep telling us there are no easy answers. Yes, there are – stop the uncontrolled immigration. If boats come send them back. Don’t worry about the French, they don’t know what they are doing at anytime. Stop this idiotic plan to send a few to Rwanda, it is plain crazy and I wonder what happened to the person who thought that one up. Probably sectioned in Broadmoor. No, it is high time that we put our collective thinking-caps on because we are just asking for problems, some of which we are already experiencing! Please will someone tell our MPs that their job is to look after the UK and the hard-working persons within. Not pontificating about whether Donald Trump is a nice guy or friends with Putin. Or whether it is OK to have a grope or two at the Christmas party!

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