Tuesday, 9 August 2022

What?!! £4,000 p/a - which joker said that?

Are we sure that this country is governed by sane people? Are we sure the power companies are governed by greedy pigs? Well, the news shows that is just the case. Reports that the price gap might easily go up to £4,000 per annum. Now, I can easily see that is just unattainable for the greater number of people in this country. The first thing I can see coming on is a revolution. Either a revolution or a very long number of strikes by almost every worker, blue or white collar and certainly the workers of industry. How do these power companies expect people on less than £10 per hour to pay that? It’s just pie in the sky! This sort of charge actually means that more people than ever will be on benefits. So, the cost to the Treasury is going to be phenomenal! I just cannot believe these idiots are serious. I am not a Labour voter, I am laissez-faire but I no longer think that is possible to be. Nationalise all power companies without compensation! Whilst the government will do that have a very good look at how managers are paid and drop those levels by 50%. We just cannot continue like this and to my mind we don’t need to either.

You might ask how did we ever arrive at this situation and don’t tell me it is because of the war, or Putin. It is because of gross mis-management, over-paying shareholders and grossly inflated salary levels and bonuses to top management. I am certain that these people do just not know how most of us have to live. As such although I am no Labour man but I will vote Labour for the first time in my life! The Conservatives quite obviously have lost their grip on the ship’s rudder and we are floating powerless in a choppy sea without any idea where we have to go. Well, goodbye Cons, it will be better to let Labour sink us completely at least it’ll be quick.

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