Sunday, 28 August 2022

To all doglovers, not...

Just a short one as I am on a day trip. Sun yes and loads of people with dogs. By the looks of things there are more dogs than people on the planet! I am not a dog lover, in fact dislike them. Even during the lock-down period (a long two years) no dogs in my house. But looking around I can report that most dog owners have little regards for others despite rules that show where to let them run, defecate, urinate and try to get on the back of other dogs or my leg. The left over results are for others to step in. Lovely. Nice holiday memento. It is time the government, seeing it's enormous budget deficit, will impose a dog-tax. £1000 per annum. Plus a mandatory visit to a vet annually for a worming check. And a mandatory chip. Any dog checked without to be euthanised immediately. I hasten to add I am not the only man (a non-binary one) thinking like that. But there you go, I'll be back when I have cleaned my shoes!

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