Friday, 5 August 2022

Quality government or a class of Dumbos?

What are we saying about our esteemed Governor of the Bank of England? Not so long ago he said that he could not control inflation. Did anyone get the impression that our ‘betters’ don’t know what they are talking about? For quite a few years I have had a go at the poor performances of MPs and you only have had to look at the present crop to sadly nod your head in agreement. Frankly, between you and me, it’s the same across the world. The latest applicant for the Dumbo prize is the Bank of England boss. Not so long ago he tearfully exclaimed in front of the nation’s TV audience that he could not control inflation. He more or less indicated that it wasn’t his job. Suddenly today he increased the interest levels to the highest levels since they were lowered in the early Noughties (Noughties=2000-2010). Once again he put on his ‘serious’ face and looked us all in the eye saying that he really understood the hardships it entailed. Do we believe he does? No Sir, we do not. We know you are alright with your half a million salary and million pound bonuses for doing a great job. For myself I am beginning to ask yet again – Where do we find these moronic people? I cannot believe they are all coming out of the Eton College of Perceived Intelligence? I might not be most intelligent dog on the block but I think from what I see and hear I could be a perfect dictator.

There is something rotten in our political set-up. Lies and subterfuge are too common. Half of politicians' time seems to be spent on TikTok or other social media channels checking what other politicians are saying about them. They ought to look more closely at how the general population feel. We are all struggling to make ends meet. The price of electric and gas are obscene. These are not really to do with Russia or with the war. There will be a bearing on some level but the real reason is the world-wide demand. Almost all countries are vying for oil and gas and other commodities as well. Again, I have said in the past – what do we expect with so many people on the planet? Britain has a fast-growing population alone, mostly due to immigration. Thousands come every year and increasing. We sometimes forget, and by we I mainly mean the woolly-headed woke liberal leftie nincompoops, immigrants need housing and being without jobs need quite a high level of benefits. Benefits that are paid out of taxation. Taxation that all working people pay. So, you can feel the stresses on those budgets already. Yet politicians obfuscate the issues and when directly asked avoid a proper answer or simply lie. I cannot see the situation changing fast so I put this here now – Politicians are guilty of killing us all! I hope that before too long we wake up and charge them accordingly.

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