Saturday, 6 August 2022

Just who wins and who pays? Hmmm..

The problems just seem to keep on and stacking up. Price increases across the whole spectrum, the war in the Ukraine, the belligerence of China, global warming and plastic fouling of the global water systems. One of the problems that even myself can see clearly is the inability of politicians to even begin to solve these problems. Despite the lovely words we hear daily, precious little materialises. The Ukraine war is just such a talking shop – western politicians decry Russia but at the same time are looking for ways to continue using Russian gas and oil. The facts are simple, come this winter we will see a sharp diminishing of support for Ukraine. Here in Britain we support Ukraine fully, for the moment but just wait when the cold days are coming! Price increases and UK inflation are all the making of bad management by politicians and weak management. Management of the Bank of England. You don’t have to look far, just listen to the governor! He doesn’t seem to know whether inflation can be worked on or not! For such a highly paid person to make gaffes like that, is really inexcusable! The inability of government to control price rises in times of rapid inflation seems another economy failure akin to what Labour used to come up with. I would have thought the Conservatives were better than that! Gas and electricity prices have been left to the vagaries of the global market but at the same time the companies like Centrica and Shell have been actually coining it in! There should have been controls to monitor the real cost of acquisition, i.e the price per barrel versus what the companies charge. But who am I, I know nothing.... as Manuel of the comedy program Fawlty Towers used to say! And then we have the continuing pressure that China exerts in the Pacific because they feel that Taiwan belongs to them. Typical authoritarian politics and a demonstration of how democracies are put under pressure and thought to be weak! Just ask Putin what he thinks of the western democracies. Just like the Guardian newscast stated – it is a game of time and management of resources (incl logistics). Time because the longer it goes on the pressure on resources increase. In other words one will run out of projectiles making the opposition bolder and more likely to counter-attack. Also as already stated, Putin hopes that in time the west will lose its opposition and will want an end to the war by pressurising the Ukraine to cede land. From my perspective whatever will happen, nothing will favour Russia or China should they actually invade Taiwan. It looks pretty stupid, here are two rather large countries seemingly intent on acquiring more! In the case of Taiwan the price is not just land but the infrastructure and industrial capacity of Taiwan which is very big, might even surpass that of China itself! Russia is an anomaly, it is just a country that throws its badly managed might around. A despotic aim to rekindle the erstwhile Soviet Union lands and spheres of influence. What a shambles. So, let’s be absolutely correct here, we should NOT become victim to thoughts of giving in to such pressure. Because if the western democracies will do that, the outcome will be worse in ten years time or sooner and then indeed might we end up in a nuclear confrontation.

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