Saturday, 13 August 2022

Let's have a proper look at the situation...

You will have noticed that I continually mention the very poor calibre of UK politicians. In fact many times have I called them idiots. Obviously these are generic terms and it simply does not mean everyone is an idiot. But too many are. Too many are blinkered, just look at Labour and the ultra left plonkers called Momentum. Where have these come from? No, not the slums of Birmingham or Leeds or even Glasgow. These are middle-class youngsters mostly with a Mickey Mouse degree in Home Cooking or Vacuum Cleaning. Nice degrees actually at least you would have thought it keeps the house clean. But OK that’s the UK for you as it is today. Dumbed down completely. We have heads of secondary schools insisting to be called IT or a Non-Binary just so they can say they are WITH IT! Did I say idiots? Let’s have a look at why I term politicians idiots. First of all I believe the first past the post system is outdated. Let that rest for a moment because the UK is ultra-conservative and we must not change anything because we have always done it this way and it is sacrosanct!

Secondly we have been badly served by the likes of Tony Blair (Yes, Saddam has weapons of mass destruction), Gordon Brown (Don’t worry, I’ll borrow some more money), John Major (I like sex, Edwina), Ed Milliband (Oh God, help me), Theresa May (I like dancing, you know), Chris Huhne (Yes, I know all about power and know how to drive), Jeremy Corbyn (I’d like to learn Russian and Putin is a nice guy) amongst other alumni like William Hague. Every one probably tried but were stumped by our ‘Yes, nice words Sir (or Madam) but it’ll take years’. In the end they just sat down and gazed at the proverbial navel and did absolutely zilch. I have always thought why do we elect weak personages as PM when we need a Churchill? Someone with a backbone, someone yes like Boris but we got rid of him pronto because he showed too many weaknesses that the party bozos did not like. We must not forget that party leaders are woke. They look at Twitter all day long. But ordinary people do not use Twitter, only the London woke ultra lefties. You won’t believe some of the stuff they talk about. 

So, by looking at some of the above mentioned politicians you will immediately recognise that the UK is in serious trouble! One by one, you have to admit, are scared of making decisions and this is actual throughout society. The only guys I know that seem to be not afraid are those long-suffering military commanders. The First Sea Lord, the Chief of the General Staff. I feel sorry for them having to be listening and accepting these hare-brained ideas from politicians. All you hear is ‘Cut’, ‘Cut’, and more ‘Cut’! We see now where that has lead us. The Russian command has decided Britain can easily be taken because there are only 2 working frigates and one Carrier. The rest of the Navy are in the Channel escorting immigrants to Dover. Another wonderful Home Office idea. They call that repatriating except not to France but to Britain. It is too stupid for words but as I said – What can you expect from that mediocre lot?

Roll on the next election – but do we believe it will change things? Hmmm, I won’t be putting any bets on it.

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