Thursday, 25 August 2022

Is it that bad now in the UK?

Lurid headlines all over the papers. Girl of nine callously shot in her own home. Innocent caught by gunman. Our society has gone stark raving mad. Well, yes I suppose you could say that and then trust the newspapers to rack it up to the utmost. But looking at it a bit more objectively our society has been going down for some time now. It would be too easy just to blame the police in this country but they must be prepared to take the flack. Simply because they have scaled down quite considerably. More to the point, they have started to look at actions, words and exclamations of people that have nothing to do with crime! The other section, the politicians, they are the ones who have left this country to sink into the morass of indecision, prevarication, lies, self-interest, and that’s just for starters. We elect politicians not for their policies but for how they look or are dressed. Politicians who stand for representing us, no-one looks into their background, their educational standard, their personal behaviour. As a result we tend to get people that are not capable to carry the mantle of responsibility. What would-be politicians expect to do? A nice wage packet, sitting on green leather seats for a day or two? Shouting a few obscenities at some people who sit on the opposite seats? Sounds like a permanent holiday to me!

All in, you can easily see the state of our nation at present and the result is shown so horribly in Liverpool. It has nothing to do with racism, or LBGT+ but it has all to do with the general malaise in personal standards and behaviour across all strata of society. Drugs are openly available on the streets and despite glorious TV programmes showing the police tackling it, the reality shows differently.The very rich think nothing of awarding themselves or being awarded huge pay rises whilst the bottom of society may be lucky to get 50 pence an hour on the so-called national wage. A society where large companies have abandoned all pretense of being socially responsible and 24-7 working now common place paid for by the hour only. Glitzy advertising campaigns show a world which is only in their imagination, the reality is the opposite. A stark, grey world where Victorian standards seem to becoming more and more widespread. I suppose it won’t be long before our society will collapse completely and all of us will be throwing the slops out of the window onto to the street. 

Another problem that is basically ignored is that of unbridled, unchecked immigration. Despite wonderful verbal emanations from the aforementioned politicians and disregarding the feelings of the great silent majority in this country, immigration is continuing unabated and actually increasing at a phenomenal pace. No longer is it a few tens in a dinghy but hundreds every day! There is now a whole industry in France to ship as many as 100,000 annually and more if they could find enough boats. In the meantime the society immigrants wished to join is already far from the heavenly abode they were expecting. Welcome to the mishmash that is Britain today, hope you will be lucky to find a place to live and work and enough food.  

It all sounds so dreary and frankly it is but if we have time and the will, we can rectify the situation quite easily. We need a fresh look at our politics, the way we vote and simply decide how we want to live. It needs a consensus, we need all in Britain to sing from the same song-sheet in as far as how we want our society to be. Of course, there will be differences of opinion but surely we all want to live in peace and harmony? We need to establish simple but effective rules of behaviour, also effective actions if people misbehave. Fines and other punishments, jail and so on need to be reflecting the criminality. Well, let’s hope good sense prevails. Get on with it Liz or Rishi or who ever will follow the wild-haired tornado.

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