Friday, 19 August 2022

Bad news is bad news...

Day in – day out the information hurricane pours out the most depressing stuff. For myself I get really depressed listening to this continual tornado of bad news. Even the TV presenters or news readers make it worse by being incredibly argumentative in their questioning. I am of the opinion that they know very little of the subjects they talk about. The most knowledgeable persons are the weather people, at least they seem to have a good knowledge of what is going on with the weather! The rest and that includes the aggressive Nana better stay home and give us a complete rest and recover our mental health. In days past mental health was called being doolally (look up the meaning of that on Wikipedia). Lately we have to get used to returning to pre-Thatcher days when unions rule and strikes are called by Red Barons. Things have a habit of returning, don’t they? When I read up on my history books I can see pre-1939 days. When ordinary people are being driven into the claws of very aggressive minorities. Minorities that through use of social media continually chip at the fabric of society. Like in Germany, in the end due to false promises these minorities take power and then the good Lord save us all. But before the good Lord does this the world will have been virtually destroyed. Perhaps this is humanity’s fate. The inability to control unbridled aggression, greed, avarice and arrogance. We do not learn from our collective mistakes in the belief that next time things ‘will be different’. No, they won’t as Russia's invasion of the Ukraine shows. And worse, even after that has been ‘sorted out’, we will do the same thing time and time again. Even by looking at the national situation here today, what with the rumbling strikes. Strikes rarely solve the reasons why strikes were called for in the first place. For myself I cannot see any strike that solved the problem(s). The miner’s strike of the eighties (1984-85) is a case in point. The mines themselves were relatively well-run. But the strike was politically motivated and from my point of view had nothing to do with working conditions or relations. The result was the closure of almost all the mines in Wales and most in the northern coalfields. It might have inevitable anyway due to a growing scientific consensus about the reasons for global warming but the damage this strike caused to families and societies was immense and its rumblings are still felt in places like the Rhondda today!

I have begun to think that the plethora of bad news, or rather say, negative news is damaging society. We need to re-design the Web whether we like it or not. I don’t like saying it but it needs AI, properly designed AI to police the Internet. Simply because humanity cannot control itself. We need to stop this incessant reporting the ‘News’. It is bad enough to learn there is a war, sorry – military intervention- taking place. But do we need to know precisely where the rockets are fired from? Do we need to know or see the pictures of decimated human corpses and discuss in the goriest of detail who did what and why? If you like that sort of thing, just watch Dr Pimple Popper on TV. At least she does something that benefits humanity. And there is plenty of gore.

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