Friday, 12 August 2022

Armageddon - Is it close?

 If there is any doubt in our minds about what is happening all around us then sit down quietly and close your eyes! First of all the so-called leaders of the nation, indeed of the world, have lost all credibility. No longer can they be trusted to look after their populations. They all and sundry just look after themselves. Next, looking at leaders of companies you will note the same thing. It is, 'I’m alright Jack, b*gger you’. When you look at power companies and their bosses you see exactly that. There is not a single attempt to resolve the crisis. No explanation as to why EXACTLY we have arrived at this situation. Except mealy-mouthed whispers of ‘Ah well, don’t worry your pretty little head and keep on spending otherwise the economy will collapse’. What?!! From where I am sitting the economy has already collapsed. When forecasts about the cost of power are showing charges of £5,000 per annum you can bet your bottom dollar that either someone high up has lost all sense of reality or their marbles or there is a concentrated effort to prepare us for the long-awaited doomsday! I can tell you now if that amount is true I am glad I’m not a policeman or even am in the military as there will be unrest the like of which we have not seen since the Romans left Britain!

Even the contenders to become Prime Minister of the UK have lost their sense of proportion. Ever more stupid assertions are spilling out of their mouths. If you ask me – Bring back Boris. Or let there be an army take-over. It would not solve any issues but at least it will shut up the woke ultra liberal elite. Look at Argentina, 40 years ago we had a little tussle with them, probably completely unnecessary except for grandiose ideas about who owns what and perceived colonialism. I noted a short report as to why militaristic governments such as the Russian, despite being the largest country on the planet need to continually aggravate and meddle in the affairs of neighbouring countries. Indeed, aggravate the whole world. 

A Quora reply to a pertinent question said this: 'The invasion of Ukraine obeys no logic, common sense, or any semblance of being designed by someone from this planet. It's an invasion from an upside-down, bizarre parallel dimension. It is the most self-sabotaging conflict of this century, possibly any conflict since WW1. It makes the invasion of Iraq look like a product of a geopolitical mastermind. Evil is evil - there's no way around it. But there's clever evil, and there's a gratuitous one. The invasion of Ukraine is pure drunken vandalism on a grandiose scale. It is the ultimate tragicomedy of Russian nationalistic authoritarianism. An idiotic worldview rooted in imperialism, paranoia, inferiority complex, and mania of greatness rolled into one. The invasion of Ukraine defines Russia in a way no Russian has articulated before'.

Could not have put it better myself. In the end it is just another manifestation of the grand malaise that has encompassed the world. It is all played out in full view of everyone, thanks to the Internet. It is to be hoped that we can solve the issues because if we cannot we will join the dinosaurs in the hereafter.

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