Thursday, 4 August 2022

A Pelosi view of the world...

Sometimes you hear or read some nuggets of information that are 100% correct. One of those nuggets was uttered by Ms Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the US House of Reps), who said “ Today the world faces a choice, a choice between democratic and autocratic government”. Bang on Nancy. Please stand for Prime Minister in the UK next time Liz or Rishi make a gaffe. We change PMs at the whim of social media goons or the views of ultra left-wing woke libertarians. Sometimes we even bet on horses like Jeremy Corbyn and lost all our money! Although he never came on as PM, he nearly made it. The war in the Ukraine would have been a foregone conclusion as British soldiers would have been forced to fight with the Russians. I hasten to add, there might have been a revolution in the good old Home Counties, Scotland and Wales secede and Jersey declaring war on Britain and join France.

Perhaps it would be better not to speculate what could have been because we do too much of that already. Even so, Ms Nancy is worth listening to because she is absolutely right. The choice is a stark one. Just look around, look around the world, there are loads of countries still shackled by autocratic regimes and look how they behave. They generally have no problem at all at throwing about force to counter what they believe are external threats. Invisible external threats. Imaginary external threats. In no way am I expounding the virtues just of democratic nations. We only have to look at the US to see how that can be used but generally we do seem to need a nation that is prepared to expend trillions to police the world. 

Humans are just mammalian entities suffering from anxiety and worry about existence all the time. Continually looking over our shoulders is not such a funny thing, it makes you paranoid. Viz Russia and China. But it is more worrying to note how “our” western politicians and companies deal with autocratic regimes. Take Russia and China in particular. Chinese companies are everywhere, a big chunk of western companies’ profits come from trade with China. Even for myself I own a few Chinese mobiles and I must say they are good. So, why does China like to flex its military muscle over a smallish island with which it could trade very profitably indeed? Well, only God and Xi Ping will know. China and to some extent Russia are in the process of decimating the economic progress we enjoyed since the end of WW2. The question whether WW3 will end all of that is now paramount in all our minds. Humanity quite obviously has not moved on from its primal desires and fears. Pretty sad, huh?

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