Wednesday, 17 August 2022

A bit more fun about politics...

I have often wondered what makes people become a politician. Is it a wish to make our society better? Sure, it is what they profess to want. Is it because they have a hunger for power? They all would deny that. Is it because they want an easy life? They vehemently would deny that. Now I am certain, initially would be politicians are straightforward, honest and well-meaning persons. So, we may well ask – what happens after they have been elected? From where I am sitting it seems they lose their mettle pretty quickly. They get embroiled in party politics and so signs a death sentence to any ideas of improving society. For most MPs, I am sorry to say, their impact on the Westminster scene has been virtually nil. Unless they are sitting at the top-table (The Cabinet and related serving staff) we might as well just forget all about MPs and just save the money. Rather than 600+ crammed in a smallish chamber, have a sharply reduced number, no more than 100 and a cabinet of 10. I am certain that much more work can be done with a greatly reduced number of people. Because as we see today, there is a hell of a lot of talk but very little actual decision making.

The reason is there are far too many differences and opinions to overcome. In the States and here,  we have two party politics. Basically two largish parties continually vying for power. One might ask, why bother but it simply means one will get its hands on the purse strings. Do we smell opportunities for corruption here? Just so you know, I have not said that but nevertheless... In the end, the party in power is not so far removed from the other. Simply because the general needs of the nation requires a similar approach. Labour or the Democrats in the US tend to focus more on the ‘worker’ and some social issues and the Conservatives and Republicans focus somewhat more on business issues. This might be a bit too simplified but I do think generally to be correct but what do I know.

One of the things that bother me is the growing importance of social media and the impact it has on politics and political views. In the UK politicians avidly watch and take part in the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and related platforms. I look at them but do not partake. In Quora, a growing medium, the questions and answers will astound you. You get questions like – when we visit another galaxy will my grandchildren see the pictures? My answer would be – Of course they will, Andromeda is just next door, don’t forget your Polaroid! In the end if proper-meaning politicians see and read all that drivel and believe this has a bearing on how the nation feels and acts then you can easily see the doldrums we are in presently. When people start thinking Trumpy baby has their best interests at heart it is time to emigrate to Mars. Or take that trip to Andromeda. If people start believing our own Wonder Woman Liz Truss will save the nation from rising prices, well best to go back to sleep then. As for Rishi baby, chiseled jaw Rishi, he would be too busy squirreling his fortune back and fore to India to have much of a thought for us clodhoppers. We are merely required to pay up and shut up. 

Wow, and all this on a sunny and dry morning before I had my porridge which is all I can afford (a whole 1Kg bag in the local supermarket for less than £1.50). Unfortunately the local cows do not produce free milk. Like the funny Scots ( that’s them of the skirt wearing fraternity) I might have to change to use water and salt.

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