Friday, 1 July 2022

Wondering about the society we live in? I might...

For a while almost everybody has been wondering about the state of Welshness. The feeling of belonging to a society that is sane, socially adept and for the best part, running well. That feeling took a hit learning about the killing of one little boy. This boy from a two-bit Welsh town, Bridgend was killed by his own mother, her second partner and another boy of whom we know very little indeed as to why he was there in the first place. Terrible as it is, we have to admit that there are dark undercurrents in Welsh society. Basic, raw, nearly apelike. It is not just in Wales, I suspect humanity has forgotten its dark roots and when these surface, no longer know how to deal with it. 

This morning when the reports are showing on the day’s TV news and of course the numerous newspapers, all of us can pick and choose the flavours of political correctness and the political mealy-mouthed exclamations of disgust. ‘This must never happen again’, ‘We will ensure it will never happen again’, I will ensure that blah, blah, blah’, words heard over and over again for days on end until the public mood has changed over to the next report on Love Island and accompanying pictures. Why are politicians so fond of jumping on bandwagons? Cut all politics out of normal day to day broadcasting because frankly they say nothing, nor do anything of value to the general population at large. I am not a revolutionary but sometimes I need to puke hearing those exclamations of commiseration coming out. The frank truth is, from where I am sitting, that these things WILL happen again and will continue to do so. 

The human psyche is no different from that of any other mammalian entity on this planet. Obviously it is not a defense for killing another human being. Certainly not of children. We should understand that societies like ours harbour unsavoury persons who through their upbringing or other circumstances harbour anti-social sensitivities. I am no psychologist but just look at these happenings and wonder why. Then I look at the society we live in, the mess we are in, the poverty around despite years of political promises ‘We will eradicate poverty’ but never did. That despite the ever-growing political establishment and accompanying civil service, even in the devolved nations like Scotland and Wales, we are no better off. In fact poverty seems to have increased at all levels. We might not live in the Victorian squalor but in some ways we are not that far off. Looking at the squalor in our towns and cities I fear we are getting back to that before too long.

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