Sunday, 3 July 2022

What is the matter with Europeans? Hmm?

You might be forgiven if you asked ‘What in all blazes is the matter with Europeans’? I suppose you could ask the same question and asking ‘What is the matter with humans’? But looking at behaviour, politics and so on we must single out Europeans in particular. Now I am a born and bred European and have been able because I am older (and maybe a bit wiser) now to notice the aggresiveness and presently displayed in the Ukraine coupled to a willingness to destroy literally everything standing and what moves. I am looking at the Russian behaviour that displays this and at the same time I am wondering what is the point of destroying everything and then occupying a virtual wasteland? You will have noticed that all societies, past and present, being governed either by a despot or a so-called democratic government often take an aggressive stance towards others. They invariably say as indeed the Russians have done that their way of life is threatened. Their world standing, the influence they have or had has been devalued or diminished. In the past this was predominantly the field of royalty, European aristocrats vying with each other for dominance. We have not become better off by virtually taking away political overlordship from royalty, we have just exchanged them for another lot of power hungry zealots although without an aristocratic title. However, hold your breath, they still desire titles! Especially here in Britain. The point is, humans have not yet understood their innate desires, our fears, our inbuilt instincts. Certainly, there are a few academics studying all of that but us the great unwashed, are barely cognizant of these things. I remember the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands. How I felt, to sum it up, get it back, at all costs. Was that rational? No, of course not. But that is the fear factor and also the fact that someone or other has taken something from you. And I want it back, come what may. Again, what was all that about? To ask a pertinent question, what has the Falklands besides a few sheep and loads of penguins got that is so desirable? I do agree that political issues are the prerogative of those who live there and the same goes for the Ukraine. All nations at this moment in time must start to understand that with growing populations nationhood will become a useless and dangerous idea. If it is not already! It is a dream now but we need a world government, a proper government, not something like the United Nations, a body set up for nothing, that does nothing and contributes nothing. We need to start accepting that power invariably corrupts and hence people who become leaders must be retired back to their abodes after two terms. Without handsome payoffs or titles.

Something to think about, no? Shall I tell Boris or will you?

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