Saturday, 9 July 2022

Wanna be a scout today? Wear a dress...

People can think what they want about our national newspapers. Some being overtly political about one specific party or other. Others are bland to the extreme trying not to upset anyone. But the Sun newspaper seems to be able to do all. This morning its columnist Mercy Muroki has pointed out the newly super woke Scout organisation. Now, when it was set up by Lord Baden-Powell, a retired Army officer, it was for the education of boys. Activities like woodsmen, orientering, camping in the wild, fishing for your supper and all of it with the strictest discipline. Today the scout organisation seems to be run by ultra-liberal lefties. Boys no longer exist, they are its. I must be frank, it’s no wonder the Scouts are losing it. Being ultra-woke probably appeals to Londoners but here in Wales we don’t want ninnies or dress wearing non-binary aliens. It seems to escape aforementioned ultra woke lefties that boys need discipline, a goal in life and guidance. Humans are no less animal than any other mammal on this planet. We need nature, not just the manicured type but the wild west type. We still need to know how to survive. That is not found in an office job wearing skirts because you’d need to fit in. I was a member of the sea scouts in Holland. Well, not seeing much sea but a lake, instead we had rowboats and discipline was instilled in us from the beginning. Strictly needed because rowing a boat that’s exactly what is needed. None of us boys had any desire to hurt someone else although ribbing each other was pretty common. We were doing a man’s job, well trying to. In the end we were a unit and fit for the market, so to say. Today I think the scout leaders would be prosecuted and jailed for the things they said at the time. I won’t repeat that here but it was colourful! There were lots of laughs and fun but we learned about life. Today I suppose the boys (sorry, I meant non-binary beings) have to learn how to handle a needle to make their own dresses and apply make-up.

I wonder if anyone ever sits down to think about why there is so much drug use in cities like London? People, boys in particular, have lost their raison-de-etre. They are getting lost in sniffing these small silver canisters full of nitrous-oxide. You can see these on the roads everywhere. Culminating in increased use of cocaine and heroin. This is the society woke ultra liberal lefties have fostered upon us. As Mercy indicated it is time to send these people a message of ‘hop it wokies, get a proper job’. And that would include some in the Scout leadership. Just wondering today if 'Bear' has gone on holiday and got lost?

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