Sunday, 3 July 2022

Stop prevaricating, Western leaders!

Alike with thousands of others, if not millions I have been rather glued to the news reports from Ukraine. Like others I have been wondering why Russia invaded. This is just not a ‘Special military operation’ to weedle out Nazis or whatever. It is a blatant attempt to usurp the democracy and turn it into a vassal state or actually absorb it into Russia. Also I am aghast at the spineless words and mealy-mouthed opinions of other world leaders. Yes, Macron and also Germany. Belatedly the PM of the country I was born in, the Netherlands has seen the light. But only after Russia cut off all gas supplies. The self-interests blinded these leaders, yes the war is terrible but let’s not jeopardise the oil and gas. At least not until summer next year. 

What do people think this is about? It is basically a fight for the survival of the Ukraine in the first place and in the second place the survival of Europe as a whole! Make no mistake, Russia is not going to stop at just the Ukraine. Putin will also want the return of the Baltics, Moldova and has his sights on Poland as well. May be even wants to cut Germany in two yet again. It is a sorry state of affairs since our western leaders do not seem to grasp the situation fully. You only have to look at the history of the Russian empire to see how it performs. Since 1945 there have been numerous attempts at localised insurrections mostly culminating in a land-grab like the Karelian isthmus taken from Finland amongst other Finnish areas in the north. The same for the Baltics. Kaliningrad enclave was taken from the Germans. Perhaps Poland, I am not sure because the whole area there has had numerous border changes. The truth is simple, appeasing a despot just makes them more demanding just because it has been shown to work! In the West, particularly my adopted country, the UK we have seen the problems and belatedly now are making amends. So are the Americans. The facts are simple if the Ukraine falls, so will we, before too long.

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