Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Something for the brain processes...

Perhaps I might be something akin to someone who goes through life as a charlatan or something like that. But I am happy. Well, so far so good but I have been watching so many reports about what people call the ‘Situation’. That is to say the general situation we all face daily. Watching TV, listening to music, buying stuff like food and from time to time white goods like washing machines et al. But what worries me is the perception that the government must pay all our increased bills. As we all know prices of about everything have risen sharply, our grocery bill has increased by some 30%, even Amazon are now increasing the price of Prime membership by £1.00 from September. Yes, Old Jeff B. needs another car to get about. But joking apart, the cost of living has increased by quite a bit. But is it right, is it even possible to put the blame and strain of our collective failures on any government? All I hear on TV from the unions in particular is that the payments made or going to be made as published to the population are not enough by far to cover the increased cost of living. You’re not saying, guv’nor! But may I say that is completely ridiculous? The cost of living has gone up, no denial but to expect the governments to pay for that is akin to a recipe for disaster. I suppose we could expect some help, more or less to what already has been offered but may I say also that in the end the cost of living is everyone’s responsibility. I might be called a Conservative, I am certainly not and no Labour freak either. I could be called a nationalist although I have reservations about the credibility of present views and plans. However, I do think generally speaking, people have been defunct in planning for the future. The future of the families they have or will have and for themselves. It would mean to have a decent understanding of finances, have the best education and not throwing away the chances afforded by it. By all means protest but stop throwing statues in some harbour or glue yourselves to the road. It will harm your health and account for nothing much except a headline in the local paper. People like me will shake their heads and mutter some indecent stuff. But most of all plan for the future. It will cost, you will have a decent pension because let me assure everyone, the state pension will not be sufficient to pay for a relatively decent life. It will probably just be enough for walking the nation’s roads looking for waste-bins to see if any throwaway Chinese left-overs are about. I know they have learned the art of chips frying properly. The long and short of it is simple, look after yourselves. If you have the time and chance, look after others as well. Or get involved in social responsibilities. And don’t expect the government to pay for the collective failures of us all! We must not absolve the government of its failures either, they make many, many mistakes as we all do but we should expect proper leadership. Governments as said before have no money of their own bar being responsible for the proper governance of what is available through a decent level of taxation. We cannot, should not expect more expenditure than financially available. As indeed has been happening. I do believe the Covid pandemic was grossly mismanaged. Purchases of billions of pounds simply wasted in panic. The shortfall in money now has to be paid. It has also resulted in inflation. The money then borrowed has an interest rate attached. The Quantative Easing has also resulted in a much higher inflationary rise. Bad planning by the government, perhaps no planning at all and just a merry-go round the mulberry bush. Stop-gap government as has been seen so many times does NOT work in the long run. So, take note Rishi, take note Liz, take note Keir!

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