Saturday, 30 July 2022

Minorities rule? Well eh....

It is a funny world we live in. Certainly very funny when you consider the UK. Or Britain in the vernacular. We seem to be living in a country where minorities make all the rules. The rules by which all of us live our lives. Yet most of us shrug our shoulders. But should we? Politicians keep on talking about how they will shut up the woke liberal nonsense spouting blabbermouths but actually are showing their incompetence for all to see. The afore-mentioned blabbermouths such as ‘Stonewall’ are becoming ever more militant. Then we have the Home Office, despite being headed by a few competent politicians, their inability to properly police the borders is tantamount to dereliction of duty! In fact they have just merely provided a convenient taxi service by using the Navy! As such we ‘welcome’ hundreds of thousands onto our shores. As a result the nation is scrambling looking for more and more houses with the minorities pressing for relaxation of the planning laws! In the meantime more are forced to look for the essential food in food-banks! All this in 2022! All politicians and other organisations can say is ‘It is because of the war in the Ukraine’, ‘the restrictions imposed on Russia’. Next we learn that the oil and gas companies are coining in billions of pounds extra over and above the profits they already make. Even worse, we learned recently about the ‘obscene’ amounts the top people ‘earn’ and the bonuses they ‘so richly deserve’.

So OK, the war in Ukraine, certainly a bad thing, wars are no more than death and destruction and for which the purpose is unknown except as a grab for profit through the acquisition of land and resources such as mineral riches. In the case of Russia we also need to include it is a dictatorship and therefore the mental state of the leading clique must be taken into account. But more and more it seems that the so-called West has lost the initiative that it had at the beginning. It has been a long standing fact appeasement is counter-productive. There has been a fear of proliferation – using nuclear weapons, called WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction) but I think if humanity is thinking like that we really deserve to be sent to the nether regions of oblivion! As I think I have mentioned before – the Earth might have a long sigh of relief. Humanity has been a cancer on this planet. An animal that cannot control its impulses usually won’t last long. 

However, back to the UK – we can all see the state it is in when looking at the Wagatha Christie court case. When millions are squandered on no more than a perceived personal injury to over-rated personal opinions and feelings. It is long overdue to enforce standards of behaviour and usage of the Internet. Never mind the opinions of aforementioned woke liberal lefties just do it and whilst we are at this overdue action, let’s sort out the other pressing problems. Take the Unions to task, sort out the immigrant problem, by imposing proper entry controls. Furthermore we need to look at how we want to live. I know I too want to be free to do whatever I want but with 67million people all wanting the same and more people to come, we simply cannot do that. We need stringent rules and police them properly! Over to you Ms Truss!

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