Sunday, 10 July 2022

Conservatives at each other's throat? Noooh, really?

It is beginning to look very much like the old Germany here in London. The Night(s) of the long Knives. The Conservatives are ganging up on each other. Why have we deserved this? The country is in turmoil, there is inflation, we have just come out of a pandemic, there is a war not very far away and here we have Champagne Charlies trying to scratch everybody’s eyes out. You would not believe but it is true. This is how far politicians have evolved. Frankly, not very far from Neanderthal behaviour and by that I am doing the Neanderthals a great disservice! I would never have thought I would say that knowing my great dislike for Labour, but it is time for the Conservatives to be kicked into touch for the next ten years. I am sorry but now I begin to see that Boris’ legacy has not been a good one. The incredible selfish attitudes, seeking power come what may and we dare to criticise Putin? I applaud Ben Wallace to get out of that rat race because frankly no sane, well willing person should be in that hell-hole called Parliament at present. It is just like a creche with screeching babies to boot. It is high time that all of us, and I like to call us the great unwashed but obviously not true seeing the amount of water we use and waste, it is time to have a sharp look at our system of government. Indeed all democracies need to do just that as I believe something has gone wrong. I mentioned in a past post the word ‘Plutocracy’ the system where power is exercised only by those who have money. Governed by the richest people. Wherever you look in the world that is what you see. Just look at Russia and yes, the United States. Even in poorer countries where people come to power from the lower strata of society they quickly enrich themselves. It is simply humanity’s shame! Avarice or simply greed. You might raise the eyebrows and say ‘What’s the difference baby’? Avarice is basically the desire to obtain wealth and hold it above else, greed is having an insatiable appetite. Bill Gates might say he is ‘normal’ but he and others like the owners of Amazon and Tesla probably suffer from that. They would deny that saying it cannot be helped because people just want and like the products they make. Bill Gates at least has a few foundations where money is used for charitable projects. This is not my diatribe about being rich but I am just indeed seems to be the root of all evil! Back to the Conservatives – it is also my belief that no party should stay in power for more than two semesters. Or for that matter people themselves. Like the US presidential system, although there is still pretty much wrong with that. You can see in Westminster what staying in power for a long time develops into. There comes an attitude with some people that nothing will ever happen to them, they can do whatever think they need to do. Most of it self-serving. I think over the next few weeks we will hear many more unsavoury tales, character assassinations and more. I am so looking forward to that whilst tightening my belt because my grocery bill must be cut in order to pay my electricity bill.

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