Thursday, 7 July 2022

Bye, Bye, good old hairy servant!

Anyone surprised at the shenanigans reported from good ol’ Westminster? I am not and I tell you why. What we are seeing is the establishment of Etonesque idiots, the backslapping Champagne Charlies, trying to get out the ‘normal’, day-to-day hard working ‘man of the people’. In other words the establishment do not like to be ruled by a blue-collar man or woman. From the very first they had it in for Boris. He was the man at that time because the establishment could not make up its mind whether Brexit was a good or bad thing to do. The Civil Service was all about ‘We need to stay in Europe’. What they forgot to mention was that staying in Europe would guarantee them their very richly awarded jobs. When these jobsworths figured out that Boris could be successful in that and proved to be, their attitude changed from dislike to absolute hatred.

So, now we have heard that Boris will resign as party leader meaning he will stay as PM until a new leader has been elected and become PM.

When you look at what goes on in Westminster, the calibre of many MPs, especially the continual snide remarks of Labour MPs in particular and not forgetting that interesting Scottish guy who leads the Scots invasion of the Commons, you might be forgiven in thinking “Where do we find these people? Broadmoor”? I am sorry to sound like this but hey we deserve much better. Truthfully I think Boris has forgotten he is PM and just carried on as he always has done. But as PM it is expected to behave in an exemplary fashion because you have to show others you are above all the rubbish of the world. Boris showed initially a bit of the ‘devil may care’ man he is but that’s not really good enough. Unfortunately he never understood that. As a result the establishment tolerated him for a month at least and dropped him thereafter and ever since then we have had this carping on about all sorts of misdemeanors. But what now? What sort of idiot is going to lead us? Because there is no obvious successor! I'd like to see Lord Frost but he is no MP, bearing in mind the world situation we need someone with a steely eye and a granite backbone. Somebody like Michael Gove? HaHaHaHaHa! Or the slimy Steve Baker? Or even worse, Jeremy Hunt! Yes, the list goes on, woe is us! Perhaps a military chap might be best at this time, Tom Tugendhat or Ben Wallace. Well, we will have to see what and who will fit the bill. Unfortunately all this will most likely ensure the next government will be a Labour one, God absolutely help us. Angela Rayner is already frothing at the mouth! We will become the vassal of Russia in no time at all. Perhaps the Queen if still around would be Tsarina!

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