Saturday, 23 July 2022

Anyone for a foreign holiday, right now?

Hahaha, what a mess in Dover. Yes, I am having a laugh about how idiotic people behave at times. Here we have the anti-Brexit Twitterati expounding their views once again. This is what we told you would happen! It’s you Brexiteers who caused this! Well, if you look at how the French reacted to Brexit you could arguably say, yes it’s Brexit what dunn’ it. In real terms the problem has quite a few reasons for the queues in Dover. So yes, Brexit is part of the problem because of the checks now having to be performed and the refusal of the French border staff to work a bit faster and take less breaks. But hey, I don’t blame them. The other thing is that after the Covid-lockdown every Brit suddenly has this irresistible urge to jump in the car with the family, the dogs and the kitchen sink and drive eastwards towards the rising sun. Half of ‘m don’t even know there is a sea strait somewhere with a ferry or two called P&O. Ferries could sink at any time because some people might forget to close the doors but not to worry it’s because of Brexit according to the woke ultra-leftie Twitterati. If you want to research crowd behaviour for a University thesis look no further than the behaviour of the British nation. Here is an excellent opportunity to write a million pages of hard-nosed prose. Besides the nation has just pumped a couple of million tonnes of CO2 into the air setting back the promise to be zero-carbon by 2050 another 50 years. It is incredible to witness the dichotomy of behaviour about ‘Carbon-zero’ as related to global warming. It seems to escape most people that our collective behaviour is the cause. Yes, you deserve a holiday but should that entail a long petrol guzzling car journey overseas? Or a CO2 fuelled plane journey? The UK as a whole has literally millions champing at the bit to push the acceleration pedal in the car, come what may! Even queuing for hours at a seaport or airport does not put anyone of. Oh yes, complaining is also a national pastime! We book our holidays smiling benignly at the booking clerk mentioning possible delays saying ‘Ensure you get there earlier than usual’, and us thinking ‘Oh this will not happen to me, I am cleverer than the rest of the suckers’. Then complain bitterly it has happened and there was a seven hour delay queuing with as an lovely addition having to see solicitors to sue for your money back. So, I have booked a brilliant week in West-Wales. Only an hours drive west from where I live and no delays. With the weather as it is right now I would say I will be browner than my neighbours who went to Greece and where they will freeze their collective lovely rounded back-sides off. It is only in the low 20 degrees there whilst I will sizzle with 32! So, the moral of the story is quite simple – stay at home and have a barbie in the garden. It will have helped if you have bought a pool for the kids as well. If you don’t have a garden, sit on the balcony. But more than ever – STOP COMPLAINING, just get on with it. There are worst things in life, like having to live in Russia. 

Ed- For Twitterati read - ultra-left woke anti-Brexiteers. In proper English, people who loved the extravagant money wasters who reside in some very costly buildings in Brussels calling themselves Eurocrats (notice the last four letters of the word). 

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