Saturday, 30 July 2022

Minorities rule? Well eh....

It is a funny world we live in. Certainly very funny when you consider the UK. Or Britain in the vernacular. We seem to be living in a country where minorities make all the rules. The rules by which all of us live our lives. Yet most of us shrug our shoulders. But should we? Politicians keep on talking about how they will shut up the woke liberal nonsense spouting blabbermouths but actually are showing their incompetence for all to see. The afore-mentioned blabbermouths such as ‘Stonewall’ are becoming ever more militant. Then we have the Home Office, despite being headed by a few competent politicians, their inability to properly police the borders is tantamount to dereliction of duty! In fact they have just merely provided a convenient taxi service by using the Navy! As such we ‘welcome’ hundreds of thousands onto our shores. As a result the nation is scrambling looking for more and more houses with the minorities pressing for relaxation of the planning laws! In the meantime more are forced to look for the essential food in food-banks! All this in 2022! All politicians and other organisations can say is ‘It is because of the war in the Ukraine’, ‘the restrictions imposed on Russia’. Next we learn that the oil and gas companies are coining in billions of pounds extra over and above the profits they already make. Even worse, we learned recently about the ‘obscene’ amounts the top people ‘earn’ and the bonuses they ‘so richly deserve’.

So OK, the war in Ukraine, certainly a bad thing, wars are no more than death and destruction and for which the purpose is unknown except as a grab for profit through the acquisition of land and resources such as mineral riches. In the case of Russia we also need to include it is a dictatorship and therefore the mental state of the leading clique must be taken into account. But more and more it seems that the so-called West has lost the initiative that it had at the beginning. It has been a long standing fact appeasement is counter-productive. There has been a fear of proliferation – using nuclear weapons, called WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction) but I think if humanity is thinking like that we really deserve to be sent to the nether regions of oblivion! As I think I have mentioned before – the Earth might have a long sigh of relief. Humanity has been a cancer on this planet. An animal that cannot control its impulses usually won’t last long. 

However, back to the UK – we can all see the state it is in when looking at the Wagatha Christie court case. When millions are squandered on no more than a perceived personal injury to over-rated personal opinions and feelings. It is long overdue to enforce standards of behaviour and usage of the Internet. Never mind the opinions of aforementioned woke liberal lefties just do it and whilst we are at this overdue action, let’s sort out the other pressing problems. Take the Unions to task, sort out the immigrant problem, by imposing proper entry controls. Furthermore we need to look at how we want to live. I know I too want to be free to do whatever I want but with 67million people all wanting the same and more people to come, we simply cannot do that. We need stringent rules and police them properly! Over to you Ms Truss!

Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Green issues or a power failure?

There is so much chatter on social media about the cost of living and in particular the cost of power, gas and electric. It is slowly dawning on me that we are being fed half-truths. For instance we rarely hear about the real cost of power. Few of us know that on all our power bills there is a whopping charge for so-called ‘green’ power. For starters it is not just power we pay for. There are ‘environmental costs’, taxation, network charges just to mention a few. A Guardian news item stated that landowners can receive (‘earn’) £40,000 per annum per 3MegaWatt turbine put on their land! VAT is 20% then wholesale costs, it is all consuming half of the total charges they levy. On top of all that the much hyped CO2 cleanliness of ‘green power’ is a fallacy. For each turbine has to stand on an enormous cast concrete foundation. Concrete is far from environmentally friendly! On top of that the turbines themselves are manufactured with plastic and metal components hence creating a lot of CO2 in their manufacture. Solar panels as well, just look it up on the Internet!

It is the same with electric cars, the batteries are made using lithium, it never occurs freely in nature, but only in compounds. It is present in ocean water and is commonly obtained from brines. Lithium metal is isolated from a mixture of lithium chloride and potassium chloride. The power used to ‘make’ lithium batteries negates its ‘green’ credentials. Furthermore they are highly unstable. Quite the opposite view if you suffer from a bipolar condition. As lithium is or may be, used in treating that condition. 

It is about time that we get the complete and truthful picture rather than hearing or reading about all the ‘beautiful’ ways we are ‘saving’ the planet when in reality we are just continuing to destroy our habitats. In fact we are being charged inordinate amounts for it as well! Everyone who believes in or is part of the ‘Green’ lobby should know the downbeat issues and acknowledge the negative impact. I think they are fed inaccurate data, and as a result we are indeed changing our power structures but to be ruthlessly frank – they are far from green!

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Something for the brain processes...

Perhaps I might be something akin to someone who goes through life as a charlatan or something like that. But I am happy. Well, so far so good but I have been watching so many reports about what people call the ‘Situation’. That is to say the general situation we all face daily. Watching TV, listening to music, buying stuff like food and from time to time white goods like washing machines et al. But what worries me is the perception that the government must pay all our increased bills. As we all know prices of about everything have risen sharply, our grocery bill has increased by some 30%, even Amazon are now increasing the price of Prime membership by £1.00 from September. Yes, Old Jeff B. needs another car to get about. But joking apart, the cost of living has increased by quite a bit. But is it right, is it even possible to put the blame and strain of our collective failures on any government? All I hear on TV from the unions in particular is that the payments made or going to be made as published to the population are not enough by far to cover the increased cost of living. You’re not saying, guv’nor! But may I say that is completely ridiculous? The cost of living has gone up, no denial but to expect the governments to pay for that is akin to a recipe for disaster. I suppose we could expect some help, more or less to what already has been offered but may I say also that in the end the cost of living is everyone’s responsibility. I might be called a Conservative, I am certainly not and no Labour freak either. I could be called a nationalist although I have reservations about the credibility of present views and plans. However, I do think generally speaking, people have been defunct in planning for the future. The future of the families they have or will have and for themselves. It would mean to have a decent understanding of finances, have the best education and not throwing away the chances afforded by it. By all means protest but stop throwing statues in some harbour or glue yourselves to the road. It will harm your health and account for nothing much except a headline in the local paper. People like me will shake their heads and mutter some indecent stuff. But most of all plan for the future. It will cost, you will have a decent pension because let me assure everyone, the state pension will not be sufficient to pay for a relatively decent life. It will probably just be enough for walking the nation’s roads looking for waste-bins to see if any throwaway Chinese left-overs are about. I know they have learned the art of chips frying properly. The long and short of it is simple, look after yourselves. If you have the time and chance, look after others as well. Or get involved in social responsibilities. And don’t expect the government to pay for the collective failures of us all! We must not absolve the government of its failures either, they make many, many mistakes as we all do but we should expect proper leadership. Governments as said before have no money of their own bar being responsible for the proper governance of what is available through a decent level of taxation. We cannot, should not expect more expenditure than financially available. As indeed has been happening. I do believe the Covid pandemic was grossly mismanaged. Purchases of billions of pounds simply wasted in panic. The shortfall in money now has to be paid. It has also resulted in inflation. The money then borrowed has an interest rate attached. The Quantative Easing has also resulted in a much higher inflationary rise. Bad planning by the government, perhaps no planning at all and just a merry-go round the mulberry bush. Stop-gap government as has been seen so many times does NOT work in the long run. So, take note Rishi, take note Liz, take note Keir!

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Anyone for a foreign holiday, right now?

Hahaha, what a mess in Dover. Yes, I am having a laugh about how idiotic people behave at times. Here we have the anti-Brexit Twitterati expounding their views once again. This is what we told you would happen! It’s you Brexiteers who caused this! Well, if you look at how the French reacted to Brexit you could arguably say, yes it’s Brexit what dunn’ it. In real terms the problem has quite a few reasons for the queues in Dover. So yes, Brexit is part of the problem because of the checks now having to be performed and the refusal of the French border staff to work a bit faster and take less breaks. But hey, I don’t blame them. The other thing is that after the Covid-lockdown every Brit suddenly has this irresistible urge to jump in the car with the family, the dogs and the kitchen sink and drive eastwards towards the rising sun. Half of ‘m don’t even know there is a sea strait somewhere with a ferry or two called P&O. Ferries could sink at any time because some people might forget to close the doors but not to worry it’s because of Brexit according to the woke ultra-leftie Twitterati. If you want to research crowd behaviour for a University thesis look no further than the behaviour of the British nation. Here is an excellent opportunity to write a million pages of hard-nosed prose. Besides the nation has just pumped a couple of million tonnes of CO2 into the air setting back the promise to be zero-carbon by 2050 another 50 years. It is incredible to witness the dichotomy of behaviour about ‘Carbon-zero’ as related to global warming. It seems to escape most people that our collective behaviour is the cause. Yes, you deserve a holiday but should that entail a long petrol guzzling car journey overseas? Or a CO2 fuelled plane journey? The UK as a whole has literally millions champing at the bit to push the acceleration pedal in the car, come what may! Even queuing for hours at a seaport or airport does not put anyone of. Oh yes, complaining is also a national pastime! We book our holidays smiling benignly at the booking clerk mentioning possible delays saying ‘Ensure you get there earlier than usual’, and us thinking ‘Oh this will not happen to me, I am cleverer than the rest of the suckers’. Then complain bitterly it has happened and there was a seven hour delay queuing with as an lovely addition having to see solicitors to sue for your money back. So, I have booked a brilliant week in West-Wales. Only an hours drive west from where I live and no delays. With the weather as it is right now I would say I will be browner than my neighbours who went to Greece and where they will freeze their collective lovely rounded back-sides off. It is only in the low 20 degrees there whilst I will sizzle with 32! So, the moral of the story is quite simple – stay at home and have a barbie in the garden. It will have helped if you have bought a pool for the kids as well. If you don’t have a garden, sit on the balcony. But more than ever – STOP COMPLAINING, just get on with it. There are worst things in life, like having to live in Russia. 

Ed- For Twitterati read - ultra-left woke anti-Brexiteers. In proper English, people who loved the extravagant money wasters who reside in some very costly buildings in Brussels calling themselves Eurocrats (notice the last four letters of the word). 

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Inflation? Yeah, what about it?

So we are marching quickly towards another summer of discontent. A lot of trade unions are up in arms about pay, inflation and the ‘nasty’ employers. But let’s have a look at what I think is a more realistic reality? First of all a lot of public workers are continually on TV News burbling on about poor pay, the ‘underpaid’ NHS employees. The NHS has been ‘left’ without the finances it needs. Well, let’s be honest, the NHS is a bottomless pit. You could throw all the GDP of the UK into it and it would still not be enough. In fact I believe the NHS is the biggest drain on the UK finances. There are reasons, one of them being the human propensity to overeat and besides that sit down all day thinking about the next meal. It is very noticeable in normal day-to-day life, even in small places like South Wales. Humanity has gained a number of inches around the waist and that’s just for starters.   

But it is not about weight, it is about the nation’s finances, and it’s management of! This morning’s news was about the pay increases for public sector workers which on its own seems fair enough. With the inflation that is around thanks to our prolific Covid spending pay rises are on everyone’s mind. The union representatives sitting on the couch being interviewed all display the same attitude. The ‘nasty’ government that denies the ‘poor’ workers a decent life. Yes, still straight out of Marx’s books. These ladies and gentlemen always drone on about the same old things we have heard since Methuselah first became head of the TUC (Trades Union Congress). It is mostly not mentioned that all theses workers are paid out of the public purse and that public purse is paid into by private sector employees. The funny thing is that from public sector pay a lot of it comes back to the government in the form of PAYE and NI charges. The national debt just keeps on growing. I don’t think government borrowing is going to stop anytime soon! Neither will inflation! 

The other thing a lot of people do not grasp is that automation in the private sector in particular will reduce the number employed hence reduce the taxation innings! As such the Welsh government continually talks about ‘Highly paid jobs’ but do precious little to help secure such industry. Highly paid jobs pay a lot of tax. The question of what sort of future this will mean is rather important because we could end up with a starkly divided society. Those who work and those who don’t. Meaning those who work maintaining those who don’t. Believe me when I refer to some books about such societies and the aggro it creates, akin to a revolution and bloodshed. With less employment but increased population growth such a society could well be on the horizon. Let’s hope we can elect people to public office who better understand these issues than the simpletons we have at the moment.

Sunday, 10 July 2022

Conservatives at each other's throat? Noooh, really?

It is beginning to look very much like the old Germany here in London. The Night(s) of the long Knives. The Conservatives are ganging up on each other. Why have we deserved this? The country is in turmoil, there is inflation, we have just come out of a pandemic, there is a war not very far away and here we have Champagne Charlies trying to scratch everybody’s eyes out. You would not believe but it is true. This is how far politicians have evolved. Frankly, not very far from Neanderthal behaviour and by that I am doing the Neanderthals a great disservice! I would never have thought I would say that knowing my great dislike for Labour, but it is time for the Conservatives to be kicked into touch for the next ten years. I am sorry but now I begin to see that Boris’ legacy has not been a good one. The incredible selfish attitudes, seeking power come what may and we dare to criticise Putin? I applaud Ben Wallace to get out of that rat race because frankly no sane, well willing person should be in that hell-hole called Parliament at present. It is just like a creche with screeching babies to boot. It is high time that all of us, and I like to call us the great unwashed but obviously not true seeing the amount of water we use and waste, it is time to have a sharp look at our system of government. Indeed all democracies need to do just that as I believe something has gone wrong. I mentioned in a past post the word ‘Plutocracy’ the system where power is exercised only by those who have money. Governed by the richest people. Wherever you look in the world that is what you see. Just look at Russia and yes, the United States. Even in poorer countries where people come to power from the lower strata of society they quickly enrich themselves. It is simply humanity’s shame! Avarice or simply greed. You might raise the eyebrows and say ‘What’s the difference baby’? Avarice is basically the desire to obtain wealth and hold it above else, greed is having an insatiable appetite. Bill Gates might say he is ‘normal’ but he and others like the owners of Amazon and Tesla probably suffer from that. They would deny that saying it cannot be helped because people just want and like the products they make. Bill Gates at least has a few foundations where money is used for charitable projects. This is not my diatribe about being rich but I am just indeed seems to be the root of all evil! Back to the Conservatives – it is also my belief that no party should stay in power for more than two semesters. Or for that matter people themselves. Like the US presidential system, although there is still pretty much wrong with that. You can see in Westminster what staying in power for a long time develops into. There comes an attitude with some people that nothing will ever happen to them, they can do whatever think they need to do. Most of it self-serving. I think over the next few weeks we will hear many more unsavoury tales, character assassinations and more. I am so looking forward to that whilst tightening my belt because my grocery bill must be cut in order to pay my electricity bill.

Saturday, 9 July 2022

Wanna be a scout today? Wear a dress...

People can think what they want about our national newspapers. Some being overtly political about one specific party or other. Others are bland to the extreme trying not to upset anyone. But the Sun newspaper seems to be able to do all. This morning its columnist Mercy Muroki has pointed out the newly super woke Scout organisation. Now, when it was set up by Lord Baden-Powell, a retired Army officer, it was for the education of boys. Activities like woodsmen, orientering, camping in the wild, fishing for your supper and all of it with the strictest discipline. Today the scout organisation seems to be run by ultra-liberal lefties. Boys no longer exist, they are its. I must be frank, it’s no wonder the Scouts are losing it. Being ultra-woke probably appeals to Londoners but here in Wales we don’t want ninnies or dress wearing non-binary aliens. It seems to escape aforementioned ultra woke lefties that boys need discipline, a goal in life and guidance. Humans are no less animal than any other mammal on this planet. We need nature, not just the manicured type but the wild west type. We still need to know how to survive. That is not found in an office job wearing skirts because you’d need to fit in. I was a member of the sea scouts in Holland. Well, not seeing much sea but a lake, instead we had rowboats and discipline was instilled in us from the beginning. Strictly needed because rowing a boat that’s exactly what is needed. None of us boys had any desire to hurt someone else although ribbing each other was pretty common. We were doing a man’s job, well trying to. In the end we were a unit and fit for the market, so to say. Today I think the scout leaders would be prosecuted and jailed for the things they said at the time. I won’t repeat that here but it was colourful! There were lots of laughs and fun but we learned about life. Today I suppose the boys (sorry, I meant non-binary beings) have to learn how to handle a needle to make their own dresses and apply make-up.

I wonder if anyone ever sits down to think about why there is so much drug use in cities like London? People, boys in particular, have lost their raison-de-etre. They are getting lost in sniffing these small silver canisters full of nitrous-oxide. You can see these on the roads everywhere. Culminating in increased use of cocaine and heroin. This is the society woke ultra liberal lefties have fostered upon us. As Mercy indicated it is time to send these people a message of ‘hop it wokies, get a proper job’. And that would include some in the Scout leadership. Just wondering today if 'Bear' has gone on holiday and got lost?

Friday, 8 July 2022

More fuddy-duddy sayings and policies...

It is often when governments think of a scheme that will save money, it turns out to be either the opposite and costing more or it is useless. That is the case with the government flagship called ‘Smart Meters’. I have to confess I allowed in the end to have a smart meter installed. It didn’t take long, just under an hour and both gas and electric are now linked to my wfi or mobile signal. Great so far because I will not have to read the meters anymore. But the advertising campaign kept on telling me and everybody else, 'you will save money'. The first question is, how? It turns out that those with smart meters are supposed to keep watching the monitor that is supplied when they switch you over and start worrying when they see the tally going up and up. This then is followed up by you switching off everything that produces heat or light. Oh yes, clever advertising meaning absolutely zilch! The savings are only made by the companies supplying electricity or gas or both by not having to employ meter readers. Secondly, it is reported that if you switch supplier the meter stops working. Yes, this is computer savvy Britain! The usual conundrum, someone in government due to pressures by the power companies has cooked up this advert campaign which is a total guess and possibly the biggest lie made in the last years or so. A fast turnout meaning error ridden software and sub-standard equipment. In my case looking at the whole effort they just bolted on new meters on old pipework and cabling. No check if it was actually working. I checked myself and it was but will it when I move to another company with another deal?

So, the point of all this is making things more automatic and less cost to the power companies. You, me as the customers have NO benefit and NO say! You will note that in all cases we are fed half-truths, the discerning person will have taken note it is the old, old story, we the great unwashed are just the ones to pay and keep the cakehole shut. In the meantime the power companies, oil, electricity and gas are just coining it in. There might be a windfall tax but I am not holding my breath.  

We need to look at advertising standards and most of all standards of reporting! I was reading the news this morning and noted the government is putting over £300 people in their bank accounts. That was the headline on the web from the Birmingham-Coventry live newsfeed. When you see this you will think Ruddy Great! But in fact it is nothing of the sort. Boris or the government is telling yet another hazy fact. Just read it and it hinges on the NI level at which you will pay the charge, meaning thousands will no longer pay NI. (NI=the National Insurance charge levied on wages and salaries). Boris said ‘It will be in peoples pay packets as of tomorrow.’ Sorry Boris but you forgot to say that allied to this will be increased tax levels and furthermore the increased level to 13.25% from 12% will mostly wipe out the saving.  Yes, friends there are small adders hiding in the grass, so keep looking for them before they bite you! Let me know what you will be doing with your windfall!

Ed- It gets more and more complicated - a lot of government Bojo's are on the couches of the newsrooms 'explaining' all the money coming to the people. Well mostly to those who already are on some sort of benefit. The gobblydigook can only be understood by Eskimos.  I am going to have a sharp look at the EXACT amounts and to whom and I will write another post.  

Thursday, 7 July 2022

Bye, Bye, good old hairy servant!

Anyone surprised at the shenanigans reported from good ol’ Westminster? I am not and I tell you why. What we are seeing is the establishment of Etonesque idiots, the backslapping Champagne Charlies, trying to get out the ‘normal’, day-to-day hard working ‘man of the people’. In other words the establishment do not like to be ruled by a blue-collar man or woman. From the very first they had it in for Boris. He was the man at that time because the establishment could not make up its mind whether Brexit was a good or bad thing to do. The Civil Service was all about ‘We need to stay in Europe’. What they forgot to mention was that staying in Europe would guarantee them their very richly awarded jobs. When these jobsworths figured out that Boris could be successful in that and proved to be, their attitude changed from dislike to absolute hatred.

So, now we have heard that Boris will resign as party leader meaning he will stay as PM until a new leader has been elected and become PM.

When you look at what goes on in Westminster, the calibre of many MPs, especially the continual snide remarks of Labour MPs in particular and not forgetting that interesting Scottish guy who leads the Scots invasion of the Commons, you might be forgiven in thinking “Where do we find these people? Broadmoor”? I am sorry to sound like this but hey we deserve much better. Truthfully I think Boris has forgotten he is PM and just carried on as he always has done. But as PM it is expected to behave in an exemplary fashion because you have to show others you are above all the rubbish of the world. Boris showed initially a bit of the ‘devil may care’ man he is but that’s not really good enough. Unfortunately he never understood that. As a result the establishment tolerated him for a month at least and dropped him thereafter and ever since then we have had this carping on about all sorts of misdemeanors. But what now? What sort of idiot is going to lead us? Because there is no obvious successor! I'd like to see Lord Frost but he is no MP, bearing in mind the world situation we need someone with a steely eye and a granite backbone. Somebody like Michael Gove? HaHaHaHaHa! Or the slimy Steve Baker? Or even worse, Jeremy Hunt! Yes, the list goes on, woe is us! Perhaps a military chap might be best at this time, Tom Tugendhat or Ben Wallace. Well, we will have to see what and who will fit the bill. Unfortunately all this will most likely ensure the next government will be a Labour one, God absolutely help us. Angela Rayner is already frothing at the mouth! We will become the vassal of Russia in no time at all. Perhaps the Queen if still around would be Tsarina!

Sunday, 3 July 2022

Stop prevaricating, Western leaders!

Alike with thousands of others, if not millions I have been rather glued to the news reports from Ukraine. Like others I have been wondering why Russia invaded. This is just not a ‘Special military operation’ to weedle out Nazis or whatever. It is a blatant attempt to usurp the democracy and turn it into a vassal state or actually absorb it into Russia. Also I am aghast at the spineless words and mealy-mouthed opinions of other world leaders. Yes, Macron and also Germany. Belatedly the PM of the country I was born in, the Netherlands has seen the light. But only after Russia cut off all gas supplies. The self-interests blinded these leaders, yes the war is terrible but let’s not jeopardise the oil and gas. At least not until summer next year. 

What do people think this is about? It is basically a fight for the survival of the Ukraine in the first place and in the second place the survival of Europe as a whole! Make no mistake, Russia is not going to stop at just the Ukraine. Putin will also want the return of the Baltics, Moldova and has his sights on Poland as well. May be even wants to cut Germany in two yet again. It is a sorry state of affairs since our western leaders do not seem to grasp the situation fully. You only have to look at the history of the Russian empire to see how it performs. Since 1945 there have been numerous attempts at localised insurrections mostly culminating in a land-grab like the Karelian isthmus taken from Finland amongst other Finnish areas in the north. The same for the Baltics. Kaliningrad enclave was taken from the Germans. Perhaps Poland, I am not sure because the whole area there has had numerous border changes. The truth is simple, appeasing a despot just makes them more demanding just because it has been shown to work! In the West, particularly my adopted country, the UK we have seen the problems and belatedly now are making amends. So are the Americans. The facts are simple if the Ukraine falls, so will we, before too long.

What is the matter with Europeans? Hmm?

You might be forgiven if you asked ‘What in all blazes is the matter with Europeans’? I suppose you could ask the same question and asking ‘What is the matter with humans’? But looking at behaviour, politics and so on we must single out Europeans in particular. Now I am a born and bred European and have been able because I am older (and maybe a bit wiser) now to notice the aggresiveness and presently displayed in the Ukraine coupled to a willingness to destroy literally everything standing and what moves. I am looking at the Russian behaviour that displays this and at the same time I am wondering what is the point of destroying everything and then occupying a virtual wasteland? You will have noticed that all societies, past and present, being governed either by a despot or a so-called democratic government often take an aggressive stance towards others. They invariably say as indeed the Russians have done that their way of life is threatened. Their world standing, the influence they have or had has been devalued or diminished. In the past this was predominantly the field of royalty, European aristocrats vying with each other for dominance. We have not become better off by virtually taking away political overlordship from royalty, we have just exchanged them for another lot of power hungry zealots although without an aristocratic title. However, hold your breath, they still desire titles! Especially here in Britain. The point is, humans have not yet understood their innate desires, our fears, our inbuilt instincts. Certainly, there are a few academics studying all of that but us the great unwashed, are barely cognizant of these things. I remember the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands. How I felt, to sum it up, get it back, at all costs. Was that rational? No, of course not. But that is the fear factor and also the fact that someone or other has taken something from you. And I want it back, come what may. Again, what was all that about? To ask a pertinent question, what has the Falklands besides a few sheep and loads of penguins got that is so desirable? I do agree that political issues are the prerogative of those who live there and the same goes for the Ukraine. All nations at this moment in time must start to understand that with growing populations nationhood will become a useless and dangerous idea. If it is not already! It is a dream now but we need a world government, a proper government, not something like the United Nations, a body set up for nothing, that does nothing and contributes nothing. We need to start accepting that power invariably corrupts and hence people who become leaders must be retired back to their abodes after two terms. Without handsome payoffs or titles.

Something to think about, no? Shall I tell Boris or will you?

Friday, 1 July 2022

Wondering about the society we live in? I might...

For a while almost everybody has been wondering about the state of Welshness. The feeling of belonging to a society that is sane, socially adept and for the best part, running well. That feeling took a hit learning about the killing of one little boy. This boy from a two-bit Welsh town, Bridgend was killed by his own mother, her second partner and another boy of whom we know very little indeed as to why he was there in the first place. Terrible as it is, we have to admit that there are dark undercurrents in Welsh society. Basic, raw, nearly apelike. It is not just in Wales, I suspect humanity has forgotten its dark roots and when these surface, no longer know how to deal with it. 

This morning when the reports are showing on the day’s TV news and of course the numerous newspapers, all of us can pick and choose the flavours of political correctness and the political mealy-mouthed exclamations of disgust. ‘This must never happen again’, ‘We will ensure it will never happen again’, I will ensure that blah, blah, blah’, words heard over and over again for days on end until the public mood has changed over to the next report on Love Island and accompanying pictures. Why are politicians so fond of jumping on bandwagons? Cut all politics out of normal day to day broadcasting because frankly they say nothing, nor do anything of value to the general population at large. I am not a revolutionary but sometimes I need to puke hearing those exclamations of commiseration coming out. The frank truth is, from where I am sitting, that these things WILL happen again and will continue to do so. 

The human psyche is no different from that of any other mammalian entity on this planet. Obviously it is not a defense for killing another human being. Certainly not of children. We should understand that societies like ours harbour unsavoury persons who through their upbringing or other circumstances harbour anti-social sensitivities. I am no psychologist but just look at these happenings and wonder why. Then I look at the society we live in, the mess we are in, the poverty around despite years of political promises ‘We will eradicate poverty’ but never did. That despite the ever-growing political establishment and accompanying civil service, even in the devolved nations like Scotland and Wales, we are no better off. In fact poverty seems to have increased at all levels. We might not live in the Victorian squalor but in some ways we are not that far off. Looking at the squalor in our towns and cities I fear we are getting back to that before too long.