Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Some irreverent thoughts, perhaps....

Sorry if I sound like a ‘partypooper’ but is it not high time to drop this idiocy called ‘Partygate’? This is the ongoing fracas with the ‘meetings’ in No.10 Downing Street where the PM was seen to have a drink and sing along with ‘Happy Birthday’ or some similar jaunty song. Look friends, if you want to get rid of a PM this continual bitching is not doing much. Tell your local MP to send in a letter to force the 1922 Committee to call a vote of no confidence or whatever they want to call it. But let me say this as well, there is no obvious Conservative MP who could lead the government or the party! So, all of this is just a waste of time as Boris will win anyway. 

Now on to something much more important – it is the new problem on the block, holidays. Thousands flooding to the airports where they find their planes have already been sold to Russia or just stand on the tarmac. When there are no people to check passports, clean the toilets, or fly the planes! Yet holiday companies just kept on selling holidays in sunny Spain, or rather overheated Spain by 40 degrees knowing there was no way they could honour all of them. Talk about closing your eyes! But as always there is another side to the story. 

It is not all the fault of the companies. People themselves behave like the proverbial cattle, stampede! Show a bit of a sunny sunrise and thousands gallop en masse to the airports. Possibly a case of ‘To hell with global warming, I fly to where it is warmer’. Putting a few tonnes of CO2 in the air as I am going, why not, a few extra won’t matter, will it? I suppose the Covid lock-down has created a demand which has now been released. The locks have removed from the doors and literally all, people, dogs, cats, babies, even the pot plants have all spilled out onto the roads. It has not helped that we also decided right at this time of upheaval to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. Most of us cannot recall any other monarch and perhaps she will be the last one as well. 

So, a few days known as a ‘Bank holiday’. Only God knows why we call it a Bank holiday as banks are on permanent holiday known as a ‘Staycation’. That means they cannot go abroad but stay in sunny North Wales where they give you a bear skin to sit on the beach. I know that because when I speak to a bank employee you can hear the seagulls in the background. Mobile phones are a godsend, just ask the Civil Service! Well, all in all I will have a few nice days at home and spend some time in the garden trying to remember why the grass is so high. The beer will be cold as it has stood outside where it is colder than inside the fridge, so happy days!

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