Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Boris, you have won... use the prize checker

Ha and so the good ol’ PM has survived his Vote of Confidence. And if I may ask, why not? Is he the worst PM this country has had? No sir, he is not! There were a few bad uns and in fact I would call the present PM a better one than most. Who can say John Major, Theresa May amongst a few more, were good? Look, let’s be fair, who can say they followed ALL the rules? Who can say they NEVER lied? May I say here that if you are that virtuous person WITHOUT any faults whatsoever, what are you doing reading this? You should be in Westminster telling us all to be better! Or perhaps you should have started a new religion. Just look around and have a glance at other world leaders, are we so badly served? Humanity has many faults, that does not mean we should stop trying to be better and improve things. We are all burdened by our genes telling us how to behave. Some of us are better at it than others. Some of us know how to control our inborn traits, some fail and some fail miserably. So, if Alastair Campbell, that example of virtuosity or Chris Bryant the Rhondda underwear fashion model, have something to say about Boris they should have a quick look at their own behaviour. Being part of the lower echelon of the Twitterati, the base load of people who never learned proper English or have a minimal knowledge of British history, they just make a mockery of politics generally. Contributing nothing but a bit of blather and spite.

So, lucky for you Boris, at least a decent majority followed you so just get on with it. If you can because you also have to fight the Civil Service, change our society with its myriad of problems to a more equitable one. Ditch some unworkable ones like heat pumps and concentrate on producing electricity cheaply through solar mats on all the roofs of all the houses in the UK. Don’t ditch plans like the Swansea barrage and spend some investment on research into storage batteries. Just for starters. Put this confidence issue behind you and LET’S GET ON WITH IT. As you intended. Carry on my man!

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