Sunday, 5 June 2022

A quick look at the situation? Absolutely...

When looking at the world situation we might begin to wonder how this is going to end. Everywhere you look there are tensions. Nations are squaring up to each other all over the place. Even in Europe and that is besides the war in Ukraine. France is spearheading an anti-British feeling thanks to Brexit and still believing it can mediate with the Russians. Germany is saying one thing and doing another, promising to help Ukraine and actually doing nothing much. In Asia China is muscling in on the Pacific area greatly worrying Australia and the US. North Korea is throwing missiles all over the place. Russia itself has embarked on an aggressive policy which it is carrying out bit by bit. Everyone expects the Ukraine will not be the last. In fact it is basically trying to re-instate the old USSR boundaries. It seems that the whole world is bracing itself but for what it has yet no idea. Raw materials, energy, over-population all pressure points. I have mentioned the one-time research about how rats were reacting to over-population after an era of plentiful food and room to spare. They simply started killing each other. Is this the way humanity is going about it already? We are, like rats, mammals with exactly the same outlook. I suppose it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t have to be this way, we can adapt. We can deal with the pressures, we can redress the balance. We need to deal with the inborn human trait that forces some people to want to be top-dog. Even worse want to be top-dog at all costs, to the point that human lives don’t matter. We need to deal with the inborn trait of greed, greed that develops into avarice. Not sure who will tell the Chinese leadership that or the Americans. All in all it seems to be the time we need to take stock. How do we really want to live our lives? Do we want to live under a mafia state government or do we want to have at least some input in a democracy? There are problems in a democracy as well or can be, as we know but it can be worked out. In dictatorial regimes only very few people will prosper, most just must work to keep alive.

These are valid points that need serious thought and maybe our country, the UK could be in the forefront. For all his faults Boris has been correct in support of Ukraine. Actual aid in weapons and training and continuing. Europe for all its bluster about being a superstate and economic superpower, it is nothing of the sort. Within the halls of power there are already overtures of peace. Basically simply this – let Ukraine cede the land Russia has occupied illegally and go into peace negotiations which would mean Ukraine would become a vassal state or just a Russian province. That is Europe for you, a hotch-potch of shivering nobodies who think they still matter. Going on like this we might well see what I mentioned before, Russian soldiers standing on the shores of the North Sea. Let’s just not make the same mistakes as we did in the 1930’s, if we do we will end up with the same ending. And this time it will be curtains for all of us and the planet.

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