Monday, 27 June 2022

A funny thing happened on the way to the office...

The G7 meeting in Bavaria, Germany, what is it and what is it trying to achieve? Well, you might well ask. In the face of all these rising prices the problems continue to stack up. The problems are deep-seated in my opinion and not just something that has happened because of Covid. When you start thinking about all the rubbish talked about and not forgetting the war in Ukraine then your brain will start rolling around in the head and you will have to quickly get into to the garden and throw up. I have said in the past ‘Who do you think has to pay for government borrowing’? Our collective debt now stands at over £2 trillion. Yes, that is £2,000,000,000,000! And rising. Please, start thinking where all that cash is coming from. Besides all of that, there is interest to pay, at only 1% and I’m sure it is higher, we are looking at billions. In fact I read somewhere we are paying out 70 or so billions every year. That is just dead money to this nation. Paid to investors, mostly of foreign extraction. Indeed, it is NOT the government who pays, it is US. As that stands, it is one of the reasons inflation has risen. The intricate way things are woven together will ensure prices will rise when the base commodities are becoming scarce. Either through diminishing quantity available or increased costs in providing them. Wages, for instance.

Interestingly I see no British government being capable of reversing the situation soon, because it will take very unpopular remedies to correct the situation. Wage freezes, less money circulating, a freeze on interest levels, foreign import restrictions, just to name a few. In one way we might have to reduce or lose altogether, the idea of the ‘Global Economy’. It would probably mean to have to put the UK on a war footing. Did I say, unpopular? There you have it, difficult situations need difficult solutions! Unpopular solutions! All talk of whether Boris is fit for this or that must stop. We need somebody like him who has skin a mile thick. If you want to be popular, do not become a politician! The question whether he will stay or go is not important, we now need a PM who will not be afraid to be unpopular. He is half-way there already, so let him go the whole way and safe the country from a melt-down. I am with Leo McKinstry here from the Daily Express, he indicated not in words but in the meaning, the government wants to be popular, they talk of the wonderful idea of deporting, exporting really, unwanted immigrants to Uganda but fail to address the simplest solution – stop the boats or just turn them back. They stand up and applaud ideas like import duties for steel and forget the possible ramifications on other needed imports. 

So, Boris, over to you, do become more unpopular or go and look after the daisies..

Edit: The meaning of a trillion is  twofold. I have taken the 'normal' definition i.e a million million. There are other countries who take a trillion to be a figure with 18 zeroes! Wow. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. Mother! Take me home! 

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