Friday, 6 May 2022

Vote, Vote, Vote, perhaps. Who again?

In my part of the world we have just voted in the next load of half-wits to run local services. Well, at least they think they run it. It beats me how mediocre it all is. From local coucillors to national (Wales) government and ending with the shower in Westminster. This nation spends an unbelievable amount on the cost of government, Civil Service and all the council empires which could pay for most of the national debt of any African nation. It is a fair question, what do we get for our money? I went to the polls earlier in the morning and I was completely confused. Vote for two candidates on each of the two papers. Eh? And where was the Green party? Has the Rhondda now become a Labour council and no other party counts? There was only Labour, Plaid Cymru, with two candidates each the other two did obviously not count. How will they figure out the count? Perhaps so-called proportional representation is not working quite how it should. 

I have said before voting for multiple people does not work. It ought to be simple, something that works in other countries. You first establish how many seats there will be in the assembly, nationally or locally. Then you must work out how many votes a seat will have to have to it. It also means you will have to make voting mandatory. The political parties themselves will decide the number of candidates they will field. The list will go in importance from top to bottom. The top guy or gal will be the ‘List leader’ and is the first to be voted in. The voting paper the public will see is the party name on the top with the candidates below. You can vote for just the party or a named individual. Then first and foremost all the votes will be counted for each political party which will decide how many seats each party will have. The parties themselves can try to determine which candidates are successful. The parties will look at the votes cast for named individuals. Funny, but I begin to believe whatever system you will use, there are going to be arguments one way or the other. So, let’s try a dictator next and get rid of all this cr*p! Prince William has my vote! In the end why not just vote for a political party and forget anything like voting personally for an individual. The parties can decide how they will fill the seats or go according to a named list. Simple? Nah, nothing is simple, not in the UK it isn’t!

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