Thursday, 19 May 2022

Social Media- the New Wild West? Well, eh....

It is sometimes forgotten but it is not just MPs or governments alone that make a society. It is all of us and guess who has the majority? Yep, us, the great unwashed (as they say). We sit behind our computers or keep staring at our mobiles for hours on end, posting ludicrous messages. I am not excluded from that either from time to time. But I would call what happened to one MP, Rachel Maclean stupid, uncalled for and obnoxious. She said and I think correctly, dealing with rising costs etc, etc, people should get a better job or work a bit longer. Sorry people but that is how I see it as well. Simply because that is what we all have done from time to time? If you wanted a better life, improve your basic income you would scour the papers for job adverts, wouldn’t you? I know I did! So, was she wrong? No, she was not. There is a danger now in this country to blame all the ills of society on governments or on those who lead us. Politicians in particular. A lot of blame can be levelled at government of course, either for being slow in righting its wrongs or for making laws off the cuff and repeal them next day. Known by me as ‘Stop-Gap’ government. 

Sure, I understand the feelings of a particular class of people, I too would love to sit at home watching TV all day with a beer in both hands but I cannot as a householder being responsible I have to see to it that we can live a reasonable life. That my children and grandchildren have the best education the system can provide. Surely, it is time to shut up and get on with it. Armchair critics who dish out death threats should be found and prosecuted. Even if they are a loner in a backroom in the back of beyond. I like to call politicians lazy or total idiots sometimes as well but that does not mean all of them. That’s the trouble with language, sometimes it can be too general in its sense or meaning. 

I think this has been the problem of Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney as well. Both seem to have forgotten they did not just message a few friends who were of the same ilk, no they were literally speaking to the world. Even so, it would have been more prudent to sit these two in a dark room and lock the door until both said sorry. Perhaps it is high time to start ‘policing’ the Internet. Social media in particular. It is called the new Wild West for a reason!

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