Saturday, 7 May 2022

Is there an alternate to our universe?

Going on from previous posts about ‘Universe’ matters, it is getting really interesting in the scientific community with theories coming out of the woodwork! The theory concerning multiverses and also he idea of an alternate universe to ours where time runs in the opposite direction. I read something about some research with a bilayer of graphene sheets. In this experiment electricity moved through the sheets suggesting if you took the idea through to two universes and how they might interact you could see the two worked as one unit preserving symmetry. In other words our reality is just one of a pair of interacting universes. The idea I thought about some time ago about symmetry seems plausible. To the tune of one universe is expanding the other is contracting. That would mean, if we are keeping to the idea of equivalence, as soon as the one is down to its lowest possible density, the other will be at its largest circumference. From then on the reverse will happen. It also brings to the fore the idea of an oscillating universe. A never ending sequence of bounce and retraction. In unison with our opposites. Another interesting point this will make is there an opposite ME? It would also mean my future is already known. I think it is a big idea but it has merit. It puts our idiotic ways, such as the Ukrainian war in a different light.

One idea here too is when will the two universes be in equilibrium? That is to say at precisely the same level of existence. Perhaps some religion has an answer, possibly or possibly not. It may be that it has already happened. I have always been wondering about stories of the ‘Holy beings’. People such as Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and Mohamed. They were enlightened and there was an aura of other-worldliness around them. It might be not correct of course but yet was there an interconnecting time? Interconnecting between two universes? Obviously I hope my readers will be able to sleep tonight! But I do believe the universe(s) are more hiding than they give out. Besides we are only just starting to explore our very small bit of it. The questions are heaping up but there are few answers for now.

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