Monday, 2 May 2022

Is Parliament fit for purpose? Hmmm....

What fun it is to know that we are soundly governed. Brilliant minds who have the best ideas about how to save us all from starvation and cold! Yes, our Parliament is fit for purpose. But then we have the likes of Rayner, the beautiful portly Boris, Dishy Rishy, Sir Davey and let’s not forget the leader in the House for the Greens. Beautiful people but let’s ask where do all these come from? Ah yes, I forgot, they were on the school play ground playing Tic-Tac-Toe. What in all blazes is the matter with politicians? Despite all Ms Rayner’s protestations about something they call misogyny without knowing what the word means and the crossing of her legs in front of the sexy Boris (!) it seems that the truth is stranger than anything we have heard so far. Frankly Angela’s legs are eminently forgettable. Surely all this is just literally child’s play? The usual stuff you may experience in the school play area?

It is however worrying that our law making is guided by all these idiots. You might ask this question – does Putin see all this as well? No wonder he doesn’t think much of the defense capability of the UK. Guided by the porn watching MP crowd whilst talking about how to increase their stipend. They probably would have no time to decide whether to use the nuclear option or who is going to press the button. Even if they knew where the button actually was! (I know - it is in the right hand toilet as you enter Buckingham Palace). As I have mentioned many times before, get rid of Parliament as it is. Build a round building somewhere in Derby or York, and make Westminster a relic of a past era. Furthermore, all prospective MPs need a year long college based teaching program in which they will be taught how to behave, how to dress, how to speak and most of all learn the English language. Plus a sound knowledge of British history and Geography so they will know the difference between Chad and Tuvalu or the Pornhub and TikTok.

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