Sunday, 8 May 2022

Is independence really as good as they think?

Isn’t politics a rather strange animal? In the UK we’ve had a bout of local elections. You know, the county councils and city assemblies. To say that the Conservatives had a bit of a rough time is probably an understatement but things like Partygate as well as the cost of living, the European problems and of course, the Ukraine war are all playing around in the minds of voters. It is surprising the Conservatives did not lose every seat! As it stands today, the first proper steps have now been taken by voters to separate Northern Ireland from the UK. If this becomes a ongoing run it will most likely signal the end of the United Kingdom as we know it so which will just become a mix of smaller nations with no impact on the world scene. Scotland continually harps on about independence as does Wales from time to time. But does this or will it, heal all the ills of society? I doubt it very much. Here in the UK we will have to re-learn how to look properly after our own land. Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland are not some bits of land for the convenience of our larger neighbour, England. If we are desirous of keeping our island united then equality in and of everything, has to be a paramount objective! It is something I fear the ruling elite in London, it does not mean just Conservatives, must learn very fast! 

When I look around what happens in Wales, I do really sense that we dance to the tune of England. Despite having our own Assembly, now gloriously called Y Senedd, Wales still lacks many powers that I would call indispensable to good government. If the breakup happens it might be prudent to look at a type of government they have in the US and Germany. Federal government. Defense, foreign policy plus fiscal policy to be the remit of the federal government. Everything else the responsibility of the federation members. Well, we will just have to see how things will pan out. 

The world situation is still precarious with Russia throwing its weight around albeit somewhat without much planning or thought processes. Before we can go further this atrocious and incompetent war has to end. Russian troops to completely withdraw from Ukraine is just for starters. We need to see how we want Europe to be and this includes the Union. We have to remember the Western world is under threat. The idea of democracy is under threat. Under threat from despots and criminal gangs like the mafias of the world. Drugs are rampant. I am really in favour of tackling this head on. 

We need to develop certain areas of land, perhaps an island or so, where these criminals can be safely put to work. Learn agriculture. Develop space cities where we could leave them to develop the Moon or Mars. Lovely, I think it really has merits. You can grow as much hash or coca plants there as you want. I believe the Chinese are thinking along those lines.

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