Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Discipline is the work of the devil?

From time to time you can hear something worthwhile on the political BBC programs. This morning on Politics Live (BBC2-16/5/2022) we heard from a headmistress of a Wembley, London School about how their set-up of a stricter regime was benefitting pupils. Now you could hear the screams of indignation from across the country here in my front-room. For a start, I have been so aware of the way social interaction has been these past 40 or so years. Frankly it has been detrimental to people and children in particular all across the nation. It was great to see a teacher leading a strict set of behaviours in the classroom and what was more to the point, enjoyed by the children. This was clear from what they said themselves. 

It is a strange thing – discipline. It really alludes to a strict set of behaviours either self-discipline or the discipline needed to make a company of people perform tasks. Soldiers would be an example of the need for discipline. You could not have a number of people including soldiers, entrusted to perform a task and then all going about it a multitude of different ways. The task, what ever it could be, would never be completed. Probably it is what besets the Russian army at the moment. The task they set themselves, that of conquering a neighbouring country is seen to be failing because discipline is woeful. The discipline of harnessing logistics to field requirements is totally missing. Whatever, but in our schools discipline is an afterthought as well. The woke brigade has its tentacles spread throughout our schools. Leftie liberal teachers and governing bodies live in La-La land, and as a result pupils have lost their respect for teachers. This can be seen almost everywhere. I am not advocating a militaristic regime in schools but a strict set of rules will do no-one any harm. Pupils will know exactly where they stand, a situation all children need. The free-for-all situation we have in Britain especially in lacking rules or structure, does not benefit anyone. It pervades all strata of our society, from the Cabinet Room of our government, to political parties vying with each other to make the most outrageous statements of proposed policy. Most of which will never materialise or happen. We, the bemused majority are looking onto this very sad state of affairs with a jaundiced eye. It is time to send the woke to Coventry!

Edit – the sentence – sending someone or an idea to Coventry meaning to silence someone or something. To send someone to Coventry is an idiom used in England meaning to deliberately ostracize someone. Typically, this is done by not talking to them, avoiding their company, and acting as if they no longer exist. Victims are treated as though they are completely invisible and inaudible. Coventry is a cathedral city historically in Warwickshire. (from Wikipedia).

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