Thursday, 12 May 2022

A very timely warning? It sure has to be...

The Sky political report I just read about the Russian intentions was rather revealing. Not only that but I also have felt for quite a time that the Russian mentality is an aggressive one. They do have an inbuilt distrust of western peoples. It might have something to do with the invasions of Napoleon and Hitler but I cannot be certain. I think as they are the descendants of Atilla the Hun explains all. The Mongols of old did virtually what the Russian army still does. Plunder, rape and destroy everything in their path. 

However, to go back to the news bit it said a new security chapter has opened in Europe. No sh*t? It has always been some problem in Europe, ever since man moved into the lush forests to hunt boar. The Russian invasion has shaken our sleepy leaders to the core and all are now suddenly regretting to have decimated the armed forces. As the report said, the West went to sleep after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Except the problem was as it appears now, the Russians did not. In fact they did not lessen their armed forces but took great steps to arm with nuclear weapons. There were warnings but politicians like we have had in Britain after WW2 were convinced that Russia and China were no threat. How wrong we have been! The result was as we have now, armed forces of a measly 70,000 at the most. Probably just enough to invade the Channel Islands should they get ideas of independence. I avidly watched the TV programmes about our navy, the building of the two newest carriers but should we have not thought that these big ships are great targets? It is true though that they have planes on them that can escape but there will be no return when a silent sub has torpedoed them. 

All in all, it is the same story, you let your guard down and someone will throw a punch. Or at least will try! Whilst we have nations like Russia led by a megalomaniac or China which is also seems intent on a confrontational way of politics or even Iran which threatened to wipe Israel of the map, we would be stupid to drop all sense of security. Not just for ourselves but for our way of life. Democracy and free will. Russia’s naked aggression should be a big warning to us here. It will be a lot better facing them where they are now. To push them back to their borders, rather than having to face them across the North Sea! So, no quibbling about enlarging the armed forces in Britain. We need 300,000 plus the most modern conventional weapons. Let's stop any political nonsense about Trident or even better develop our own. Including small battlefield nuclear weapons. Future wars as now shown are pretty destructive to infrastructure, the reason why Russian armed forces are bombing civilian areas. To stop weapons and aid coming through. So, let's this be a warning to us all. It just doesn't pay to drop your guard.

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