Sunday, 1 May 2022

Are we abandoning all sense of propriety?

Viewing the world situation as it is today I just wonder why the various churches, or if you will, religious organisations are not more outspoken about the political situation. Take the C of E (Church of England) or the CiW (Church in Wales) both Anglican main Churches ever since that fat Henry VIII decided he wanted to bed yet another woman rather than the Queen. But we do not hear much about their views except a few mediocre grumbles. I am attending the CiW and also here we see sexually driven agendas and problems. That lesbian and homosexual clergy are around is nothing new, they have always been around. But today they insist on being openly gay, moreover some even expound this as the way to live. I am hetero-sexual, but do I, except for this first eulogy, expound that view? No, sir I do not. 

Just look at our hallowed Parliament in London. MPs all over the place who seem to have a problem with their view of what power allows them. It seems to include sexual favours being taken for granted and treated as one of the rights of office. Behaviour is appalling! These, the Church and Parliament, are the very people who we are supposed to look up to. Sorry to have to say, today I just don’t think they are up to the mark! I have always, in my time as a manager been aware that certain top people seem to have an enormous sexual appetite. But it is not just that, it is the power they feel they must have and display over others. Particularly women. What is even worse, I also saw women play up to that. Obviously through saying that it seems I am condemning all ladies. No, I am not, but too many do a disservice to the name of woman! 

I have mentioned a few times about women feeling the need to dress in such a way as to leave little to the imagination. We must remember the sexual drive is one of the most powerful drives in mammals. The genus we belong to as well. There are many ways you can feel good without dressing so openly provocative. That goes for men as well. I have to say these are just my views but I dare to say I am not the only one who thinks like this. We simply need to be more aware of others, we are not on our own with our own wishes and desires. The world is the world, but it can be a heck of a lot better than it is right now.

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