Friday, 27 May 2022

A worthy epitaph? Not really...

There is not a single day that we can miss reports of climate warming and things associated with it. The exhausts of planes and motor vehicles contribute possibly 25% of the carbon dioxide emanations into the atmosphere. It is remarkable to see that people generally have not yet noticed the way we live is attributable to our eventual demise. This morning I just looked into our sunny sky which by itself is a rarity at the moment because we suffer a regular number of cold fronts, but I noticed well over 10 contrails! Besides the ones that were already dissipating there must have been well over 25 flights within a span of 2 hours! Now I do believe the Ukrainian war might have caused increased flights from the States because of weapon supplies but even so climate warming seems to carry on unabated and in fact the tempo is increasing. It is not just exhausts of course, overgrazing in Africa and population explosion there will contribute millions of tonnes of CO2. 

Wars and accompanying destruction millions of tonnes more! It is not good and already it is reported in newspaper articles that the expected 1 degree is no longer the amount of general warming of the planet but it is now anything up to 3 degrees! Which makes the recent heatwave in Spain believable! Temperatures of 40 degrees and over were recorded. As I have mentioned many times before, I believe northern Africa, the area known as the Sahel will become uninhabitable. Actually the Sahel is increasing southward as well. This will ensure populations will also move southward or as we know, try to emigrate to northern areas. Europe above the Mediterranean the favoured destination. This pressure will increase a thousandfold in the next decade.

What are the possible actions we could take? Well, for one I believe that air travel will need to be curtailed. No fly holidays, if you want to go, use an electric car and plan for it carefully as the required infrastructure is nowhere good enough. But even electric cars are not free from producing CO2. The manufacturing processes and the generating of the required electricity will ensure also thousands of tonnes of CO2. But it must be said, much less overall. Not a good story of human civilisation when our epitaph is ‘We tried, but we failed’.

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