Saturday, 14 May 2022

A social conundrum?

If you think you know something about English society, and remember that is NOT Welsh or Scottish society, you only will know it properly when you look at the situation about social behaviour. Here we have two WAG’s ( it basically means Wives And Girlfriends). There are other definitions of WAG but let’s not go into them right now as I do not want to be accused of misogyny. Two WAGs as we know today, have been at war for nearly four years! If you would ask what was this very serious issue that needed to go to court, did one sleep with the other's partner, is it something to do with the world security situation? Or perhaps the boat people being shipped to Uganda? No? What then? Enlighten me, please. Oh, it was a series of Instagram messages about nothing in particular. These two women were very in tune to displaying their way of life to all and sundry and one suddenly thought ‘Hey this picture I did not send, who did it’? And after a silly way of stinging by sending false messages she decided it was another WAG who had done the ‘UNTHINKABLE’ copying or spreading stories. You would have thought that was the idea? Yes? Isn't that the point of Instagram and similar rubbish?

This vacuous way of living with social media seems all too prevalent with these people that use social media to portray the way they live life. Not just these two, all who use social media this way seem to have a stitch or two loose. This is in contrast with another lady who has been raising nearly £5,000,000 with her podcasts about her colon cancer. Through her very illness and of which she is close to death, she used social media the right way. Instead two WAGs are spending literally millions of pounds which will not benefit anyone, only lawyers. It is just incredible to learn that our society actually takes this as seriously as it does. A court battle literally over nothing at all, except the feelings of two women who feel their ‘standing’ within the social media classes has been ‘besmirched’. Yeah, yeah, and that is the state of society in England today. Good question to ask is ‘How would these two survive in a situation that loads of women have faced and still do in Ukraine’? Over and out.

Edit - the term WAG should not be seen in a specific derogatory way in this post. It is mainly repeating the terminology used in the national press about footballers wives. We might argue whether it is right or not but that's another post perhaps.

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