Wednesday, 18 May 2022

A problem or two? Well yes, but what?

The following is just a flow of thought I have had for some time. As most of my friends will know I am a pretty astute observer of trends. One of the main trends pertains to western society. Our society is very much based on accessing plentiful foods and energy constituents, gas and oil. Obviously right now the war in Ukraine and the behaviour of Russian conscripts who, with or without their government approval have behaved appallingly, and as a result we are in danger of losing easy access to foods, oil and gas supplies. 

It made me think why we actually listen to the drivel spouted by what I fear are politicians who ought to know better, and should make haste to sorting new resources. Yet, this trend has been coming for some time. Russia for instance, has never let go of their type of autocratic rule. Whether this was by a royal house or by the Mafia, it is just the same. It meant money went just one way, as it is still doing so today. Western thinking is completely different from Russian thinking. The two are basically incompatible. It has been our fault to just ignore that because we went for their ‘cheap’ oil and gas. We now found that there was a price attached to it after all! 

Through the worldwide situation having deteriorated, how are we going to deal with the influx of so many people into western Europe, including Britain? Not just Ukrainians but hundreds of thousands from all over who have been displaced or are simply looking for a better life. When delivery systems of food and energy are faltering all over the western world how then will we be able to sustain this level of incomers? It is a simple question but I fear our political leaders are not willing to tackle this even though they say they will. The British example shows this without doubt. We see hundreds if not thousands attempting and mostly succeeding crossing the Channel. Despite assurances by politicians, nothing has changed, and nothing has been done that can make a difference. Except perhaps for silly and probably unworkable ‘solutions’ like exporting them to a far-flung African country. As with everything else, politicians are literally ignoring the dangers and at most do a bit of tinkering at the edges. The sanctions imposed for instance are such tinkering, they are relatively easy to circumvent. Sure, there are some drawbacks, countries like Russia will find some commodities are difficult to get. But there are the Chinese, Indians and a host of other countries just waiting in the wings to get their hands on oil and gas at possible knock-down prices and in return supplying the needed extras. If we, that is the Western world, want to kick Russia down the stairs it will take more than a few sanctions. We will literally have to seal their borders. Somehow, if at all possible. I would not hold my breath.

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