Friday, 1 April 2022

Woke people - just beat it!

Are we not fed up with all this wokery? Is it not time we tell these idiots to shut the cake-hole? Disband LGBT+, disband BLM and all other social media incompetents. Let me say this to all those who believe Britain to be the evil manifestation of humanity. The British empire does not exist anymore, it left the planet after WW2. Slavery was abandoned here before anywhere else! It is time to take a reality check! Now let me say this, I was not born in Britain but since marrying a Welsh girl have lived in Wales and obtained British citizenship. That day was one of the best days of my life! Britain is one of the best countries to live in if not the best! I just love to read its history. Like all history, of every country, region or continent, history has its good and bad sides. As I have said many times before, you must learn from history, not repeat it! Certainly not repeating the bad. This continual snapping at British history has to stop. I sometimes feel that those who denigrate Britain should leave as fast as possible! If you are so unhappy about Britain, the ticket office of the Channel tunnel will be only too happy to sell you a single to the continent. Besides, there are many inflatables left in Dover!

For myself I am proud to be called a British national. I absolutely dislike people who keep on about things they have absolutely no knowledge about or experience of. There are however many things wrong in the UK, and one of them is the use of social media for spouting idiot theories. Let me be clear, slavery is abhorrent, no-one would disagree, except those people who have no problem with using others to enrich themselves. Another thing we need to look at is how we want to be governed. Presently we seem to have far too many pen-pushers both in government and industry. Form-filling has become a national pastime. It has to stop. Shuffling papers across desks is not productive and does nothing for innovation! We must build a just society and that means we all have to abide by rules. Rules of law and rules of behaviour. It is high time that we have a hard look at our own behaviour in general. We must celebrate our country, its history, its impact on the world and more so continue to be generous to those who have much less. We need a government that recognises this and will work to that goal. So get on with it Boris and don't be a jerk!

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