Friday, 8 April 2022

War or peace? That indeed is a question!

There is always a question about whether we should have peace or war. That is if you read social media. Take the Ukranian war. There is no doubt here we have a nation that has been summarily attacked. Practically without any foundation whatsoever. Although the attacking nation, Russia has said they wanted to ‘protect’ its nationals and change the government since it was run by neo-nazis. Obviously fabricated since there are more neo-nazis in Russia than in the rest of the world. Besides the Russian nationals in the Ukraine felt pretty safe except for the usual traitors who for some reason wanted to move their bit of land back into Russia. Similarly the Crimea. Well, so the choice was made – war. Not only that but it seems the intention was to literally destroy the cities and country through indiscrimate killing of ordinary civilians. Even worse prior to killing they were tortured. It has not worked the way the Russian leadership envisaged. Looking at the reports it just seems that Russia has an army consisting of conscripts, untrained conscripts like farmboys. Youngsters who have grown up with violent computer games like ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Headshot 50’. They play the exact game but in real life! Plenty of work for the psychiaters I’d say.

The Ukranians with a more professional army have put up an incredible courageous fight which will continue. As I remember having put in a previous post, I believe that if the West will support the Ukraine for 100% Russia will lose this war. It might well come to that in time the Ukraine will be part of NATO. We have to remember though that NATO is a defensive organisation, not an offensive one. Bearing in mind NATO opposes or will oppose two offensive nations, Russia and possibly Chine before too long, we will need to change our attitudes. The choice is simple, Russia has shown its colours, it just wants total world domination. God knows why because up to now this idea and effort has never worked out. As the US has found out, it costs billions if not trillons! The US has never managed the job either! 

There is just one more thing to say – Ukraine must not lose its independence. The West should not allow that to happen. If we do, if we do not support Ukraine we will all be in the firing line before this century is out. People in Russia, generally speaking, do not know any different. They have been living like that for centuries. Putin will not be alive soon but the system will go on. Russia at the moment is getting rich on our lax attitude. From where I am sitting Russia is still weak. Russia has nuclear weapons. It also knows to have them is not the same as use them. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is still true. But there may come a time when some learned idiot (like Dr Strangelove in How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb!) will think the same. Let’s hope there are still some mental hospitals in Russia.

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