Monday, 25 April 2022

The world is the world but is it right?

Now that we know, more or less, what the Russians are up to which is no more or less than the total destruction of another country. Whether this will culminate in annexation of the whole lot or just parts of it and which will most likely cut the Ukraine off from the Black Sea, we will have to see. But I am going to be extremely critical. Has Britain been culpable in this? In fact has the Western World? In the UK we allowed the Russian mafia to buy up great amounts of property. In fact we were so eager to get their money we were happy to overlook their credentials. And let’s be fair these credentials were well known! In fact if you look at the way Britain is governed, do you believe we are really, really democratic? Yes, we talk a lot about it but we are still governed by an elite that have great ties to the aristocracy. We have our own oligarchs, just look at who owns Ineos and where he lives. Look at Branson who mostly resides somewhere in the Caribbean. I am not saying that these two have done wrong, no they just use the laws allowing a tax scheme or schemes benefiting them and their companies. Both probably have their personal money in tax havens. Precisely how the Russian oligarchs got so rich by plundering their country’s riches. Even worse, this was made easier by the KGB crowd who took over after Yeltsin. All warmly applauded by other countries, yes the US and Britain in particular. I am not suggesting Branson et al are plundering their country's riches but they sure use them. When you remember the tenure of the Labour party, when Blair was the main man, he too quickly was subsumed into the system. The system of Etonesque rule, aided and abetted by the learned Oxford idiots. Oxford is not really a university of academic excellence, it is a hotbed of sanctimonious claptrap.

I am beginning to enjoy this rant but let’s be fair the world as a whole is in great trouble. It is time to stop the talk and start the proper doing. When the Ukraine problem has been solved, one way or the other, we will have to adjust the policies to the new world order. More so stick by them. It seems we are heading to a much more confrontational world. If we do not have the right leaders I think this time will be the time when the human race will say a sad farewell to the planet. In fact, leave this planet in the state it was 12 billion years ago. So let’s get the facts out in the open, call a thief a thief and a rotten politician a rotten politician. Let’s get the reality out in the open. And remember this Russian proverb - “Fear the goat from the front, the horse from the rear, and man from all sides.” It shows how they look at the world.

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