Monday, 4 April 2022

Symmetry or chaos?

Friends of mine ask sometimes, ‘Since you go to church, you must believe in God’. Well, actually I have news for them I don’t believe in God as such if you think about an old man sitting on a cloud. Or that I equate Jesus with God. I am not sure if that is heresy, I don’t really care. I do however believe in a universal force. A force containing both good and bad. Positive and negative. Matter and anti-matter. Light and dark. There are many scientific bits and bobs that try to answer the question of whether God exist or not. As I mentioned before something about symmetry, you will be able to discern that the universe is not symmetrical for 100%. You would have thought pending your view of the world that there is more bad than good or that there is less positivity, or even more matter than anti-matter. The answer is yes and no! I am not sure about good or bad actions, viewing the Ukrainian war which is bad. If there is symmetry it would have to be cancelled out by something good somewhere else. I think the generosity shown towards Ukrainian people here in the UK shows the opposite of bad. Thousands will be welcomed and put in with ordinary people. In fact I think this happens all over Europe.

Also there seems to be definitely more matter than anti-matter so that does not seem right in view of our argument about symmetry. It is an intriguing concept and needs further thought and possibly investigation by scientists. But where does this leave the argument about whether God exists or not? For me it just doesn’t matter, I have an open mind. God exists. Whether in the form that lots of people think or God is just a wispy cloud, I think it would be more like God is everything you will see around you. Inclusive, that is to say the whole Universe and beyond. If there are multiple universes as is thought possible then that is included as well. We are all part of God. I suppose this thought is not particularly unique, there must have been eminent people with similar thoughts. But it makes sense if there is such a thing as symmetry.The choice is symmetry or chaos. Both exist?

Chaos certainly does! So I think the opposite does as well. The choice is ours. But I must have a look at some research that says the Universe is chaotic. Interesting. Perhaps I should also look at the opposite of 'chaotic' - that is 'ordered'!

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