Saturday, 30 April 2022

Some hospital visit that was!

So many times do we read and hear about all the problems faced by the NHS (National Health Service in the UK). The need for more money, the problems with waiting times, and let’s be brutally honest, the incapability of our wonderful politicians(!). To say politicians cannot even organise a p*ss-up in a brewery is an understatement. Whatever is ailing the NHS, it is NOT of their own making. There might be errors because of being understaffed, doctors and nurses are simply overworked, over-tired and presently underpaid. I say all this because I had to go to the local Welsh hospital for a CT scan on my colon. Being a bit nervous, because the last one some years ago involved a long black pipe carrying some equipment and a light. But things progress, this time it involved a very short tube up the rectum which I did not even feel and a large round scanner. Being wheeled four times in various positions it was all over in under ten minutes! And this is my point, these machines, scanners and all the equipment that comes with it cost quite a bit. I should say a few millions? The NHS is to be commended for updating their equipment. The time it took pus the booking in process and brief waiting for the room to be vacated by the previous patient, was just under an hour! The other thing I noticed and I have not been to a hospital for a number of years, lucky certainly but the amount of obese people is actually staggering! I am not sure what is happening in the UK, are we so silly to eat everything bar the kitchen sink? No wonder the waiting times are horrendous in certain departments. We all know what can happen when we are overweight or even obese, Type 2 diabetes for one and a host of cancers. I am not saying sufferers must be left to their own devices but we all should know what is waiting if we do not take sound advice. Indeed the waiting rooms were full of people who perhaps if looking after themselves a bit better wouldn’t be there at all. It is not fair to expect the NHS to carry the burden of our collective inability to control our appetites! Let’s hope that in one way the growing population will make all of us think harder about how to produce food and how and what to consume!

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