Thursday, 7 April 2022

Saving the economy or a 21st century folly?

Sometimes you read very interesting but worrying news in newspapers. Today I read that Starlink already had put quite a number of satellites up. In the order of 2,000 or so. Next we read that Elon Musk is preparing to blast another 2 to 3,000 into the air. We might begin to worry what this is about? Just think about thousands of satellites joining the debris already there! Is this a new plan to darken the sun? Meaning less heat for Earth? Is there scientific research that states we need to do this? Is this regulated? Far from me to say the good Elon is a nutter but I wonder about some of the commercial plans of his companies. Amazon also wants to get in on the act. I don’t want to be a killjoy but inside me a little voice is sounding – is this the next debacle to happen? I am not at all sure we need this so-called technology. Ostensibly for mobile phones blah, di-blah, di-blah, blah, blah! But surely is it not about time we sort out the planet’s problems first and foremost? I don’t believe these companies' promises that the satellites are needed to save money for other needed infrastructure necessary for faster mobiles. The cost of fuel, rockets production must outweigh the savings? I am only a lesser management accountant or rather was, but I would love to see the costed proposals. 

It is the same with our beloved politicians, when proposing policies that will save us all from doom, the words ‘This is costed and will save thousands’ are heard. The frank truth is that they have not costed anything and don’t really know how it will be working. The money comes from public funds. The big example of that is known as HS2. It was projected as the BIG SAVIOUR of the economy. Well, just have a look at how they spend the money. Actually I am in favour of getting a fit for purpose and well-run rail network but at the back of my mind is the nagging reality of a densely populated land where it is not easy to just obtain land to build anything of that size. It is just another policy that smacks of ‘We must not fall behind France’. Or Europe with it’s high speed trains. I have seen the reality in the Netherlands which wanted the link to the Channel Tunnel and France’s hi-speed network. They just built the rail lines next to the existing lines. Taking away precious farm land. All in the name of progress, so anyone who objected and there were quite a few, were deemed to be anti-human and diehards. Still all to no avail. You can now get to Parish quicker by train than by plane. Hurrah, Montmartre is now inundated with Dutch ‘hippies’. Just wondering if the French are now happier? 

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