Thursday, 28 April 2022

It is all pointless, just for wanting to be topdog...

So the UN chief said that war in the 21st century is an absurdity. Hurrah, someone saying the right thing. If you look at it, it is an absurdity. Here we have a large country just throwing its weight about. Unfortunately they are making a big mess of it as well. Its like a little baby throwing its toys out of the pram. I want it Mummy, gimme,gimme, gimme! Russia feels threatened, we should ask Eh? By what or by who? Russia could have had excellent trading relationships with all the countries around it. Most need the resources they have. Russia could have been the richest country on Earth even surpassing the US and China! But no, they want political control. How stupid can you get? Instead of swimming in gold plated baths, they have become the pariahs of the whole planet. 

But we have to be fair, the West has not always been squeeky clean either. We as well have thrown our weight around if things did not go our way. We really need to look at what makes humans do the actions we do, like war. In the days of wooden spears and clubs it was bad but not threatening the stability of the planet. Now we say, don’t mess with me I have atomic bombs. Looking at nature we see violence everywhere, fighting for wanting to be top man (or woman) or a non-binary person. Fighting to be the one with procreation rights. But on the other hand we have been given brains that can easily see where all that leads to. We can change. Perhaps we are at the end in real terms as research done in the past with rats shows what will happen. They put a few rats in a controlled space. All went well. They cooperated in obtaining the food supply, each took their turn. But the birthrate went through the roof because there was plenty of food (given by the researchers of course) and now the living space dramatically reduced for each rat. Guess what happened? Yes, war. They turned on each other. May be that explains Mr P’s behaviour in an overcrowded world. He should reflect that his country has enormous space and only some 150 million citizens. Compared with the US with over 250 million and Chine with 2 billion, they are minnows. Frankly they have no reason to go to war with another country but for vanity and ‘Look how strong I am’. Pointless like the UN chief said. 

 It is too easy to get into a mode of war frenzy. We all have wants and needs and unfortunately some of us wish to take it from the other person. By force if necessary. We might be better educated in the western world but we too can be as stupid as Mr P. is today. Perhaps it is high time to have a look at our way of governing. Are there better ways? Forget confrontation? If you want to see confrontation look no further than the UK parliament. Where you will see two sides shouting insults at each other. Luckily they are not fighting yet, don't need to with mobile phones to look at! 

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