Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Is there a point to Twitter? Really??

Reading Twitter makes you think the world consists of only total idiots. I have always wondered who Alistair Campbell really is under that austere skin. But he appears to be devoid of any common sense whatsoever. But he is happy. I also wonder at the same time what is the point of Twitter. However, some of the exclamations of horror and indignation are quite fun to read. I wonder if Boris Johnson reads Twitter? If he does, does he sleep at all? 

Now I read that quite a few, more than 50 MPs are to be investigated. There seems to be only one thing MPs get investigated for and that is of a sexual nature. Whoaah! The Palace of Westminster a brothel now? It does not really surprise me, being cooped up with lovely low dêcolletage, mini-dress wearing secretaries it must do something for the nether regions, I think. These MPs, usually the male variety of course, cannot wait to get to the office to get to work(!). Should we ask what the state of British politics is in? Or should we admit that British politics is just another window on our society? It should be obvious if you are an avid reader of the SUN newspaper that sex is an activity uppermost in our thoughts at any time of the day. Obviously MPs not being an exception. I do think though that politics are taking a bit of a bashing. Wokery is all around, MPs fall over themselves to appease almost anybody with weird ideas of how we should live, how to call each other. Just ask Emily Thornberry.The problem as far as I can see is that hitherto cherished ways of society have been eroded by brain-dead individuals who have fixated ideas how we all should live. We have not yet learned how to deal with all of that. As a result we are in a moral vacuum. In that state anything goes. Interesting times indeed. It is remarkable to note the behaviour of people today with the behaviour displayed in war times. You might say we have grown up, well have we really? In the end we are the architects ourselves of the society we live in. If the majority do not stand up then minorities will always try to fill the vacuum. In the end there is one thing to say, if you want to be a leader then make sure you are indeed better than us, the worthy voters. If you want to make laws then you should be first and foremost abiding by them. If you want to change society make sure it will be suitable for all, not just you and your ideas. Having said that I can now go back and pick up the rubbish that all law abiding under 30’s love to throw about. Hallelujah!

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