Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Is Russian DNA the same as ours? Hmmm..

Simply because the world is in a bit of a state right now with all the bad news from East Europe, the Middle-East tensions that still simmer, the growing problem in the Pacific where China is beginning to stretch its legs, you might be wondering if humans read history books? We just don’t get it, do we? I watched an interesting TV program about genetics. This was looking at how much different our DNA was compared with that of Neanderthals. They had managed to obtain some from Neanderthal skeletons. It so worked out that due to some wonderful sex sessions Homo Sapiens interbred with Neanderthals. You know how it goes, I see this behaviour every day in the Rhondda town where I am an unpaid observer. A couple of drinks in the local pub, and any woman or girl will do. Today though it is not just men, women as well can put a few drinks away. So, things have not altered much, party times continue. As such Neanderthal DNA can be found in Homo Sapiens today. In fact 2 to 3% of our DNA is Neanderthal. Not only that, it is believed that some diseases we suffer today have their root in that DNA. I have mentioned before in a fit of trying to be light-hearted about a serious subject, Neanderthals having moved to the Kremlin. Viewing the TV program makes me now think I did the Neanderthals a disservice! It seems some Russians are even further removed from the human or Neanderthal DNA. More akin to chimpanzee DNA. Maybe this is as a result of Russians having been in Africa a bit too long?

By the news items coming out of that very sad place we need to redefine what it means to be Russian. Whilst I would agree that you cannot equate all people, I do think that the Russians need to be re-educated about how to be fair and firm. However, viewing the education system there I fear that it would take two life times. Possibly even more. The damage that war has caused to their country, notwithstanding the damage done to the Ukraine and continuing in warnings to both Finland and Sweden about joining NATO, will take more than a century to heal, if at all possible. Even today a lot of European nations and their people view Germans and Germany with some trepidation. That was the result of two world wars, also with untold misery, death and destruction. Scientists still are pondering as to how and especially why normal people allow all of this. Normal people meaning also the majority. The problem is that these madmen gather like-minded people around them or make them dependent or even instill abject fear! But unpredictability needs careful watching because as was with Hitler, all sense of reality is absent. So it is within the Kremlin.

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