Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Partygate? What's that again, I'm confused.

It is a funny country this, Britain. Formerly known as Great Britain. But OK, you cannot be great forever I suppose and certainly not when we are saddled with such incompetent MPs as we have today. Bar the very few who are worthy the rest can be just put out to grass. We have 650 of ‘m and 600 could be sent to one of those lovely Hebridean islands counting sheep. They would probably fail at that too. Anyway, it is true, we have lost all sense of proportion. Boris has been fined for attending a party or parties. Rishi Sunak the same, more to follow. In the past I have been scathing about Boris. Yes, he can be a bumbling nincompoop from time to time but let’s see what the opposition is so vociferous about. Headlines abound with the word ‘LIARS’. First of all it’s the only thing the opposition can talk about. There is nothing they know, economics is not a science they are aware of nor do they know what a woman is. This so-called Partygate in retrospect is just a gathering possibly badly judged at that time of lockdown, but government does not stop for a virus! So, they had a few drinks, possibly wore a silly hat, sang Rule Britannia badly and went back to the office (in the same building) phoning the wife saying ‘See you next year, I hope’. I think we need to rediscover a sense of proportion. Government as said, cannot stop for a virus. At the time Covid was around but recalling many TV appearances they did not think it would last as long as it has done. It was all pretty new. Eminent scientists were not entirely sure of what we were dealing with. Everything was up in the air! We must look at these issues in the light of all that confusion. Especially now that we are dealing, even could be involved, with an international incident of gigantic proportions. Simply put, if you are so incensed about Partygate then by all means when the world situation has settled down again, get rid of Boris pronto and get Starmer in. But do you think this will improve the Britain we love? No? I did not think so either.

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