Saturday, 2 April 2022

Electric power? What power...

It is something I have worried about for a time. Wind power. Where I live (in Wales) you will see more and more wind turbines. Completely disfiguring the landscape. So far so bad I suppose but it throws up an age-old argument about Wales being used again for the enrichment of the English. Just like the coal era. But looking at the issue it shows up quite a number of fallacies. At the moment a report in the Telegraph indicates only 7% of the electricity needs are met by wind turbines. It is actually down from a 2020 high of 25%! That is because of the relative calmness of the air, ie not enough wind. So you will note the volatility! We have had a few storms but the vanes will stop for fear of collapse. So wind turbines are not particularly dependable. Besides of the other argument about employment by building these monstrosities when they are mostly built abroad, the whole issue falls apart because a. There is volatility in the electricity market which bodes badly for the 2030 demand to ban petrol and diesel vehicles and b. it shows yet again the lack of proper planning by politicians. Politicians make plans in a day which are carried out the following day, all without considering possible issues like cost, pay-back, pressures on the environment. These are all just glossed over and not discussed. Even if one or two politicians try to open up the debate they are quickly silenced with promises of advancement or side-lined, even demoted. In Wales it has been proposed a few times that Swansea Bay can be made partially into a lagoon, meaning harnessing the tides. This it was projected to provide reliable (!) power for thousands of homes. Yet it has been refused time and time again. You must ask why. No money? Perhaps, yet there is enough to plaster the country with wind turbines.

You will note there seems to be a strange attitude in the power circles of Westminster and Cardiff. All politicians burble on about this and that rule or law coming about cars, the banning of fossil fuels, yet no-one really seems to worry about providing or even improving the infrastructure needed to service these demands. There will be more and more electric cars, year on year but so far in only a few local supermarkets they have put one or two charging points. A few more at motorway stations. As a result my own daughter had to pay nearly £1000 to have her own charging point at home. There are just not enough local charging points. As a result she has to plan her route to work just to ensure she can get there and back! Indeed, interesting times. You will note there are things that just do not add up. I have mentioned before that politicians only are interested in laws or actions that pay dividends for them personally. 

Meaning they want to see a result within their tenure of being an MP or AM or whatever. It is just very poor management. We really have to look at the standard of candidates for office. Or at least ensure that those who make the decisions are capable and have the required management experience!

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