Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Are we still sleeping or have now finally woken up?

It is beginning to look like some powerful people are having to take desperate measures. That is to say, the Russian leadership. Sergei Lavrov continually mentioning ‘We are driving towards a nuclear confrontation (with NATO?) knowing it is basically claptrap. His credibility is nil. Now Britain is in the viewfinder, as we are supposedly supporting Ukraine. It beats me when it seems the the Russians do not think there should be any retaliation from the Ukranian side. No, of course not I suppose it is very OK to just march into another country, virtually rape and plunder everything you can get your hands on. Kill a few thousands of civilians and you don’t expect people to fight back? How stupid can you possibly be? 

Has any Russian today have any credibility? If you call that brinkmanship you need a quick lesson in how to properly conduct yourself. To my mind the Russians are paranoid. They think they are a world power but in fact they are just a third world country with similar attitudes. They are a country with weapons they do not understand and have no problem with sacrificing their young men for their idea of ‘Greater Glory’ for the fatherland. 

Here in the West we have been lulled into a false sense of security, Russia was a trading partner. A valued trading partner but in reality under the cloak of respectability the ideas were always about restoring the erstwhile Soviet Union inclusive all the lands they then controlled. They have a lot of resources which pays for their weapons but to have weapons is not the same as how to properly use them! I really cannot see the point of nuclear weapons since using them and that by both sides, is tantamount to destroying our own living spaces. Including the food supply we all depend on. The planet itself would be sent back to an empty hulk and will start all over again. We are talking millions of years. Some species will survive but it won’t be humans or any of the other mammals. Fishes might well survive, and some insects as long as they were away from any detonation sites. Not nice I know but that is the level of education of politicians. 

Look at the negotiating skills of our politicos for instance, they couldn’t convince the Arabs to buy our sand. It is good quality sand, you know! Well, we should tell the Russians, we supply weapons to anyone who undergoes atrocities as seen in Ukraine. If you do not want the Ukrainians to retaliate just withdraw and go home. But it leaves unanswered questions – like what should we do with Russia afterwards? I think the Americans got it right, Russia needs weakening. In fact it needs its nuclear arsenal taken down, to be confiscated en bloc. The West needs to become more of one mind about dictatorial regimes. Russia is too big, it just needs dismantling. So, welcome Sweden and Finland and up yours, Putin. And thank you for ensuring that NATO is now pretty aware of what you are up to!

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